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Are you looking for a unique experience, learning about Vietnamese culture and people escapes from the crowds of tourists?  BaVi Village is an unmissable choice when you come to Vietnam. Let’s find out why it is being interested in it! Coming to this area, you will have many opportunities to reach out and learn about other local cultures through many activities and communicate with local people. When experiencing this tour, you not only enjoy the beautiful scenery and beauty, but you are also making a small contribution to the development of the local community. Many travelers visit to Vietnam and they would like to see another aspect of life and get deep into the culture and enjoy the fresh atmosphere with peaceful villages.

Ba Vi Village is attractive because it was created to show tourists the authentic village life and more importantly is support the local community. Ba Vi area is located on the outskirts of Hanoi, lies about 50km from Hanoi center on the bank of Da River with honest and friendly people.

Let’s refresh the energy and explore the unique experience with us!


Welcome Drink at Mrs.Chin House

Your first stop on this trip is to visit the owner of the first house is Ms. Chin, she is a retired preschool teacher, living in a traditional house. You visit her house and her garden. After a short break, Mrs. Chin will take you around the village, you will see how to make tofu, shell the rice, you also see the local c schools and meet the students, meet the people at their workshop. In particular, you will visit the traditional conical hat-making house. Here you can also compare the difference between the traditional conical hat of the North and the South in Vietnam.

Cycling Through Rice Field and Boating on Da River

After visiting the village, you will take part in a cycling trip along the lake; you have the opportunity to cycle through corn paddy fields, banana plantation. On the village road, you can also meet the children and say ”hello” with them. You will admire the beauty of the peaceful countryside that you can hardly see in the bustle cities.

You will cycle to the home of the second owner that is MrsChinh, you will be very surprised after the cycling trip – a herbal bath for your feet. This herb is typical of Muong ethnic people here. After a relaxing time with herbal bath, you will take a boat trip along with Da River; enjoy the scenery on the bank of the rivers.

Cooking Demonstration with traditional Vietnamese food

You will go back with the owner of the first house is Ms Chin; you will be invited to the cooking class and have the opportunity to learn about traditional Vietnamese food. After that, you will enjoy lunch in her lovely garden.

Visit the tea plantation and talk to Vietnam War veteran

Your last stop on this trip is visiting the tea plantation of a veteran. The last highlight of this tour is that you talk to the Vietnam War veterans. It is MrDuoc who owns the house and tea plantation. He also was the one who fought in the difficult period of the Vietnam War. Listen to him recount the wicked and dangerous events in wartime through his memories that probably you can only hear and learn via books. After listening to his stories, you will visit his garden and especially the tea plantation. You will be taught how to harvest the freshest tea leave. Afterward, you will then come to another home to make tea products with the tea leaves you have harvested. It is the best opportunity to see how they make delicious fresh tea products.

Let me know if the article was inspired to you for this unmissable trip!

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