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The holy town of Uttarakhand is an epitome of the well-preserved pristine natural beauty of the Himalayas. This crown of the Indian subcontinent boasts of being studded with a gracefully diverse range of terrain ranging from snowcapped unreachable peaks to the crystal clear lakes. It is a wholesome option for people who are looking to have a uniquely rich experience comprising of pilgrimages, adventure, wellness, yoga, meditation, and weekend getaways. Choose which weather suits you best and make your holiday memorable in every sense. Uttarakhand is one place that has many seasonal faces and every month you can experience a different climatic condition.

From snow falling in winter to the pleasant sun making the rivers glimmer in summer, if you are careful then you can spend a whole year backpacking across the state. Uttarakhand Tours on the hills cannot be done without careful planning especially regarding the weather. If you are planning for a holiday in Devbhoomi be sure beforehand to do some research about the climatic conditions during that month. To give you more insight regarding the weather changes here is all the information about the best time to visit in Uttarakhand and a season-wise weather report study to make your holiday plans a roaring success!

Summer Season (March to June)

Summer time in Devbhoomi is marked by pleasant sunny days and cool nights. This is the time when the entire state remains flocked with tourists and travelers from surrounding cities and states looking to beat the scorching heat of the plains. It is an ideal time for adventure seekers and explorers to go for fun-filled trekking and hiking expeditions. Camping, River Rafting, Paragliding, Kayaking, etc. are some other exciting and adrenaline-pumping things to do on the Bugyals or lush green meadows in Uttarakhand.

March is also the time when the international yoga festival also takes place in Rishikesh inviting yoga enthusiasts from all over the world. If you wish to get away from the summer heat, spend some quality time with your family or go on holy pilgrimages like Char Dham Yatra of Uttarakhand then summer time is perfect as the entire state springs to life during these months and it’s a pleasure to see the flora and fauna creating an ambience of peace and beauty.

Places to Visit in Uttarakhand during summer: Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Chopta, Nainital, Binsar, Tehri, Mukteshwar, Char Dham Temples, etc.

Monsoon Season (July to October)

Traveling to Uttarakhand during monsoon is not advised to travelers and especially people who wish to travel with your family by road. This is the time when the entire state remains prone to heavy rainfall which is accompanied sometimes with thunderstorms and strong winds. This makes venturing out or going for camping and rafting extremely dangerous. The mountains are also easily susceptible to landslides and sometimes the rivers also overflow. Although this doesn’t mean it is impossible to plan a trip to Uttarakhand in monsoon season.

You can check the weather predictions and plan your trip a little ahead of time or maybe you can contact someone who is already there and get the weather feedback to make your trip more secure and worthwhile with a minimum prospect of damage to your plans. Make sure to keeping mind and prepare by keeping raincoats, umbrellas, and rubber boots with an extra pair of fresh dry socks to keep your travels more comfortable.

Places to Visit in Uttarakhand during Monsoon: Valley of Flowers National Park, Almora, Lansdowne, Mussoorie, Landour, etc.

Winter Season (November to February)

Winter is a magical time in Uttarakhand and offers a glimpse into one of the many different faces of a season change on the hills. If you wish to spend your holiday among the snow then this is a good time to visit. You can be a part of snow falling on your face or indulge in various snow-boarding and skiing activities that opens up for visitors during this time. If you do your research you will be able to spend your holiday amongst the scenic white snow-covered landscape. Himalayan winter is something that you can rarely describe in words. Winter trekking has also gained a lot of attention recently.

The temperature varies largely and during nighttime, it may even go till 0 or even to subzero levels in higher regions. The morning time starts off with a hint of chill in the air, afternoons are pleasant as the sun beats down relentlessly when you can even sit in the sun have a refreshing time however by sunset, the warmth of the sun fades and it starts getting colder by night. Be sure to pack some good quality of woolen clothes to keep yourself shielded from the cold.

Places to Visit in Uttarakhand during winter: Auli, Munsiyari, Chopta, Harsil, Chaukori, Corbett National Park, Khirsu, etc.

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