Top 10 Tips for Solo Travel in the UK

Have you any experience of solo traveling? If not then you must give it a try. The trend of solo traveling has been increased drastically over the years and it has its own pros and cons.

First of all solo traveling brings a completely different and unique sense of independence and freedom. You don’t need to take your companion’s advice or opinions. While traveling solo you can go wherever you want, however you want and whenever you want. Just make sure to pack the essentials and whatever you need for your travel can be bought from any top UK store and shipped anywhere you live by using a UK Forwarding service.

For better convenience and risk-free journey, you must follow a few tips for solo travel. If you are planning to travel alone this year then the United Kingdom could be an excellent place. Let’s have a look at the tips featured below.

1. Do some Homework
When you travel alone you need to wander a place without any companion or guide that’s why you must make effort to collect information about the place you are going to explore.

First of all list the places you want to roam in the UK. There are more than a hundred travel destinations to explore in the UK and it will be very difficult to visit all the places on a short trip.

Do some research about the places you are planning to visit, about the means of transport to wander, about the weather, about the peoples, traditions, and rituals. If possible make a list of festivals occurring during your vacation so that you can connect yourself with the place easily.

2. Pack Accordingly and Wisely
The UK is no doubt a great place to travel but the weather is really unpredictable. No matter if you are planning to visit this place in summer or autumn, it can rain anytime in the UK.

Prepare yourself for the UK’s unpredictable weather or else the weather can dull your plans. Have some warm clothes, an umbrella and rain boots for your UK trip.

Another important thing is that make effort to keep your backpack light and well managed. Have some basic outfits and add a few other outfits which can easily interchangeable and compliment other too.

3. Reach your Destination in Daytime
Most of the UK’s cities and towns are crowded in the daytime but some are fully deserted in the night. In the daytime, it will be very easy to visit your hotel from the airport because you will have many safe options for public transport.

Roaming alone the streets of the UK may bring some trouble for you. There have been incidents of robberies and sexual harassments happened before.

4. Prefer Tube to Explore the City
The underground metro transport is the easiest, safest and cheapest way to travel in most of the cities in the UK including London, Essex, Buckinghamshire, and Hertfordshire.

Get your Oyster card online to use the Tube easily. When it comes to solo travel, safety must be your priority and this underground metro system will make your journey more secure.

5. Do not Afraid
Be confident while roaming the streets and countryside of the UK. Don’t let others know that you are traveling alone it may be possible that somebody is spying on you and steal your things or harm you in other ways.

Solo travel has its own challenges and you may look lost and unconfident. Solo traveling is a practical choice but sometimes it happens because of the many circumstances of our life such as separation, divorce, disrupting friendships, job relocations or family problems.

Without having a positive attitude you may feel very lonely and helpless. Engage yourself with the locals while moving ahead, keep yourself busy while exploring some of the best places in the UK and create a positive vibe.

6. Take Care of Your Documents
Always make an effort to keep your passport, visa and other important documents safe while traveling. Keep your important documents safe in your hotel room.

Do not keep your documents in your money belt. If it is necessary to keep documents then make some duplicate copies and keep them into your money bag.

7. Hire a Bike
If you want to save some pounds while traveling to the cities of the UK then you can hire a bike. There are 750+ docking stations itself in London, that’s why you don’t have to worry about hiring or parking a bike.

It is cheaper than buses and tubes and you can own these bikes for 24 hours at just 2 GBP.

8. Be Safe
The UK is one of the safest places in this blue planet with the low crime rate. The British people are more accustomed to the visitor and also behave politely but it does not mean that everybody is kind and good. Disasters can happen to anybody and anywhere.

Pickpocketing and robberies are common in the busy streets so be aware and keep an eye on your stuff. In the daytime, it is safe to walk around the tourist’s destinations, the countrysides or other places in the UK but if you are thinking to do these things in the night then take someone with yourself who knows that region well.

9. Make Effort to Save Money
It will not be a great idea to spend all your savings on a single solo trip. Make effort to save money while traveling alone in the UK. Here I have featured a few simple steps to save money:

  • Prefer cheaper means of transport services such as Tubes and bikes.
  • You can stay with an English family instead of hotels after booking a room through Airbnb to save money.
  • Shop wisely to avoid frauds.
  • Don’t lose your things.

10. Enjoy at your Fullest
Yes, solo travel has its own challenges but trust me the experience will be truly different. Enjoy your own company and no doubt you will love it.

If you haven’t traveled solo before then you must plan a solo trip for yourself and the experienced gained after the trip will help you in next solo vacations.

Final Note: The trend of solo traveling is increasing but it will be better to travel to safe places alone such as the UK. When you are alone practically you are helpless and you have to suffer a lot if anything goes wrong.

That’s why if you are planning to travel alone then take your steps to safe places and follow the tips featured above to travel solo in the UK or other places.

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