Reasons to Choose Dhow Cruise Marina for Hell Fun

Dhow Cruise Marina Dubai

For the tourists around the globe, Dubai is considered about the high rises and luxury life. It is because they are unaware of the quaint side of the city. If you wish to see the least explored and known side of Dubai, dhow cruise marina is the best.

The Dubai Marina is also called as an artificial canal city. It is one of the most iconic Dubai attraction, dotted along with illuminating skyscrapers displaying the infrastructure of Dubai. just imagine yourself sailing through the alluring waters by glittering towers of Dubai. It seems like an imaginary concept. However, with Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina, you are allowed to explore the illuminating skylines of the city sailing over the pristine waters.

It’s the best time to unwind yourself with Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina as well as experience the magic of Arabian nights along with beautiful shadows of dazzling skyscrapers portrayed in the water bodies.

It is fascinating to know that the Dhow cruise offers breath-taking as well as stunning Dubai views in the night with mouthwatering delicacies. It offers romantic aroma in the backdrop. Furthermore, you can also choose in order to enjoy the romantic aura of this evening cruise at an open-air upper deck and a full air-conditioned lower deck. The Dhow perfectly resembles Dubai’s art and culture through live shows.

  • It’s the best time to explore dhow cruise Marina a combination of magical sightseeing, delectable dining as well as striking entertainment.
  • It is fascinating to know that the cruise experience offers cruise over the calm waters of Dubai Marina. It is illuminated by the lights of the dazzling buildings on the waters.
  • You can witness the illuminating skyscrapers of the city sailing by the marina canal
  • An air-conditioned lower deck for a luxurious experience is also available for romantic setting.
  • A fully air-conditioned lower deck is available for a luxurious experience. There is also an open-air upper deck for a romantic setting in order to enjoy the storytelling art with professional Tanura dancers.
  • High-end service via professionally trained staff, the latest background music (English, Arabic and Hindi) for entertainment.
  • Get an option to book transfers with the cruise experience
  • There is a great need to know that the Dubai Marina dhow dinner cruise is a daily experience. The timing depending on your location, you will be picked up to an hour in advance
  • The Cruise experience as well as dinner is generally for 1.5 hours. The complete experience including transfers will be of 3 hours.

Why Dhow Cruise Marina is Worth Experiencing?

Keep in consideration, dinner at dhow cruise in Dubai is a great historic significance as it contributed to the city’s economic prosperity. The tourists explore the past of Dubai and know its traditional life while cruising. It is also the best opportunity to realize that this part of Dubai is not all about luxury, but simplicity.


Dhow cruise Marina cover all the major buildings of Dubai. You will have glimpses of Dubai National Bank and Dubai Chamber of Commerce that are some of the earliest skyscrapers in the city. Moreover, the Rolex Twin Towers are another major attraction.


As you cruise through Dubai Marina and admire the humble beginnings of Dubai, entertainment will start to unveil. The popular entertainment on a Dhow is Tanoura dance. Many tourists also choose a Dhow in order to see this magical performance. Keep in consideration, Tanoura dancer is a male who wears a colorful skirt, it is a kind of Sufi dance.

5-star dinner buffet

It is fascinating to know that the expensive hotels in Dubai can surpass the dining experience offered by a Dhow. These boats are responsible to provide 5-star dinner buffet along with intercontinental dishes. You can enjoy every bite while the boat moves through the economic landmarks in the city. Moreover, live entertainment shows are arranged to enhance the dining experience at dhow cruise Marina. Sailing on a Dhow gives you a break from the daily routine. All the enticing sites, delicious food as well as artistic performances are all treats to the senses.

Why Dubai Sunset Cruise Is Worth Your Visit?

If you love enjoying the sceneries of the world, sunset dhow cruise Dubai make you fall in love with nature. Keep in consideration, you will feel closer to nature as you say goodbye to the day. The cool breeze with the sound of ocean waves do the magical soothing of your mind and soul. It is fascinating to know that the overall experience will be mesmerizing to your soul and body, the moment you say goodbye by meeting the golden ocean. This beauty attracts thousands of couples wishing in order to find a perfect romantic setting in the arms of nature. However, it’s worth surrendering your heart in order to un match the unmatched beauty of the Dubai on the sunset cruise.

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