How Do You Select Your Desert Safari in Dubai?

How do you select your desert safari in Dubai

Coming to Dubai and not going to the desert is something that you will regret all your life as Dubai is all about the desert safari Dubai, and we have got a whole program in store for you to know and understand it better and choose the best option to do it in a much greater way.

I am beyond excited at this moment when I am about to write about this magnificent experience that I had while doing it, so that’s why I thought to write something here so that you also have best experience desert safari deals.

If you are visiting Dubai going out to see the desert should be high on your priority list, a desert safari in Dubai is one of the best ways that you can do this.

A desert safari is a must do activity when you come to Dubai, but how do you choose the best desert safari Dubai? It is true there is lot of companies to choose from, and it isn’t a one size fits all experience.

I am going to give you some insights of what you can look for, and what you can expect so you make sure that you choose the right desert safari for you.

So when you go on desert safari they will take you to the Dubai Conservation reserve, and when you go there you will be surprisingly greeted by the unbelievably amazing sights and landscape.

What kind of company should be used for dune bashing?

I know when it comes to choosing desert safari you will have many different options on how to explore the UAE desert safari, a lot of companies offer dune bashing, but the quality of your safari guide is very important, and must be professional and experienced.

Number of companies hire freelancers, because they don’t have permanent staff, with this you can’t tell what quality of and what the training is like, having someone who can really introduce you to the desert, what it’s about and the heritage of the UAE is really important.

When you’re evening desert safari driver takes you into Dubai desert conversation reserve, the drive will be on the set track and then they go off road adventure and do a thrilling dune bashing that will thrust in your moods.

Most of the people who are inquiring about dune bashing on various websites and companies are asking for the duration of dune bashing, well the dune bashing is fun and thrilling ride and it’s better for as much as 15 minutes, if you exceed than this you may feel sick, and plus there are many activities that comes in the package of desert safari which needs time, so save your time for other enjoyable and fun activities than spending it on only dune bashing.

The other activities which are there in Dubai desert safari is Sand-boarding which I personally like a lot, and then there is ATV quad biking, and camel ride and many other exciting activities such as; Henna designs , Arabic costumes for photography, Arabic shisha or hookah and the list goes on.

How do you select your desert safari

Regarding price of Dubai desert safari

Price is another big consideration but just remember you do get what you paid for! As there are cheap deals out there in the market, but you can be rest assured they will be of a very low quality.

Choosing the best desert safari camp in Dubai

The size of the camp also matters but not just the size of the camp but also how many people are in the camp, in high season some camps will have hundreds of people in it, but here we limit to only 200 people.

I hope these tips help you decide which desert safari is right for you, and at the end we hope you enjoy your stay in Dubai to the fullest!

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