Budget Travel Ideas to Visit Dubai This Season

Dubai City Tour

Dubai hosts some of the record-breaking and remarkable architectural wonders of the world. It is among the most expensive cities of the world that offer fantastic tourist destination. Traveling to the beautiful Dubai city is a bit nonnegotiable in price as the airline tickets are high and getting into this city of gold will cost you more than traveling to Paris or London. But still you have a lot of options to explore the hidden gems of Dubai on a budget. Read on to find the smart ideas:

1. Book Tickets Early

As the ticket prices are high, it’s recommended to book the tickets earlier and search for some good deals. You can also consult your travel agent to find the best and the cheapest deals in order to save some bucks. Don’t compromise on the quality and book the flight which offers good treatment and award-winning services to have a safe journey.

2. Ride the Dubai Metro

You can easily navigate the Dubai’s amazing tourist sites without breaking your budget. Many people prefer to traverse this stunning city by taxi which can result in some significant charges. Smart travelers who intend to spend money within their budget should ride the metro of this city. These moving trains allow you to quickly get around the city and jump at your favorite tourist destination without thinking of the gridlock.

The metro system charges you according to the number of zones traveled. Dubai city is divided into different zones, and the cost of moving between the two zones is around 6.AED. It is advised to go to the metro with the fare card. Just buy one and load some cash in it. In this way, you can easily navigate around the city.

3. Save on Accommodations

A single day/night stay at any charming hotel in Dubai will cost you a lot of money. You can go with the traditional accommodation or book the hotel in the older part of the city which has the low fare. Some popular areas which offer budget accommodation include Bur Dubai, Al Basha, Deira, and Al Mankhool. Booking accommodation in these areas won’t only be cheaper but will also provide you a great chance to know how this city of dreams was before this entire commercial boom.

4. Low Budget Places

You need not empty your bank account at great places like Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall or the Burj Al Arab. By some smart planning and knowledge, you can have a wonderful time at affordable activities too. Visit the most significant mosque of the city, ‘The Jumeirah Mosque’ and have a look at its beautiful interior and exterior. Non-Muslims are also allowed in this mosque. The guided tours cost around 20 AED per person and occur six times a week. No fee is charged for children under 12. You can also enjoy the wonderful Musandam tour to get nearer to the nature.

5. Experience the Great Culture

Plan a visit to the old city around Dubai Creek to enjoy the cultural part of the town. There are traditional souks to wander and the gold souks showcased at the Arabian Bazar.

6. Visit the Wonderful Beaches

Dubai enjoys warm and dry weather and offers some fantastic beaches to lounge on. Although the luxurious and glamorous hotels own many beaches on the shoreline, there are some great public beaches too those offers clean sand and gorgeous facilities at affordable prices.

Al Mamzar Beach Parks and Jumeirah Beach are perfect places to have some good time at low prices. The cost is 5 AED per person. However, these marvelous spots are ideal places to relax during the day’s heat. Also, you can take a Jet Ski ride in any of these areas at as low as 75 AED for 30-minutes.

7. Affordable Food and Drink

Dubai visit is incomplete without enjoying the robust restaurants and the impressive nightclub culture. You can save good money on food by following the way as locals eat. Visit the Al Dhiyafah Road to give a shot to the Pakistani and Indian bites. Buying affordable food from traditional vendors on the street is also a good option.

8. Witness the Fancy Boats at Marina

The Marina has a beautiful boardwalk and is surrounded by charming buildings. Visit the place and get some fantastic photographs of the fancy boats, harbor and the skyline.

9. Explore the Cool Displays at Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum is a small museum that offers some interesting stuff about the culture and history of the city. The admission price is low and allows you to explore the fantastic displays.

10. Dubai Desert

Spend a whole day or a night in the vast desert and experience the traditional culture. The adventurous dune bashing on the golden dunes is full of thrill. Camel riding, horse riding, quad biking, and henna designing are some other cheerful activities. Relax in the traditional Bedouin camps and enjoy the delicious BBQ dinner with the best dishes in the world. The live show during the lunch will keep you entertained and will delight you.

Final Words

Dubai is although known all over the world to accommodate the powerful and wealthy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pay a visit to this city at affordable rates. You can enjoy and make the most of your Dubai trip on budget with a bit of smart planning; research and understanding the way locals live.

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