Best Places to Visit in Dubai for First Time Explorer to Dubai

Best Places to Visit in Dubai for First Time Explorer to Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is now a favourite of family holidays and city breaks with its full-throttle growth, iconic skylines of high-rises and world-famous seaside resorts.

The UAE has been named an up-to-date and luxurious destination by landmarks such as the towering Dubayan Burj Khalifa and Abu Dhabi’s new Sheik Zayed Mosque. In this article, we are going to check out the Best places to visit in Dubai.

However, scrape beneath the surface, and there is more here than scratches, shopping and sandy coastline.

Cultural fans will do a lot of things in the various Dubai destinations. Take a dive into Bedouin’s country in starry desert evenings and visit the numerous forts that guarded the coast long before the glitzy high-rises ruled.

For nature lovers, the desert begins at the end of the cities, and the hilly peaks of the Hajar Mountains are ready for adventure. To get Dubai Visa you can visit Dubai E Visa Online.

Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Emirates

●      Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is one of the most prominent buildings in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai’s high-sky monument.

It is not only the highest in the world but also the designation of the world’s tallest standing structure, the highest observation deck in the world and the lift with the longest distance in the world.

A trip to the sighting deck with its views over Dubai is an attraction for many tourists who visit, but it might be better to miss it for those who have vertigo.

●      Hajar Mountains

Through the desert, the mountains of Hajar create the jagged and wild heart of the UAE.

Walking roads of roller coasters with their beautiful landscape connect the small villages of the area and make this region a heavenly road ride.

Walking, trekking and watching birds are plenty of opportunities for nature lovers and the large array of picturesque wadis (dry riverbeds; valleys) are also fun to explore in the district.

●      Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The Sheik Zayed Mosque is an incredibly beautiful and mammoth modern mosque. The Mosque incorporates modern and ancient styles with new techniques to construct new conceptions of Islamic architecture, harnessing contemporary design and ancient craftsmanship.

Any Abu Dhabi itinerary is a must-visit here. It never fails to shine, since its interiors use significant quantities of gold, mosaic and glass tiles, large quantities of marble; and its exteriors of blindingly white stone contrasting dramatically with the Emirates’ blue sky.

●      Louvre Abu Dhabi

The Louvre Abu Dhabi is a newest and most impressive museum in the United Arab Emirates and visits items from around the globe to show the inter-cultural links through human history over the ages.

If you are interested in early history, the great Empirical ages or modern art, the museum is fascinating and attracts visitors through solid, state-of-the-art architecture.

●      Sharjah Arts Museum

The Sharjah Art Museum is home to the most diverse art collection in the United Arab Emirates, the most important museum dedicated to the arts in the Emirates.

The collection of works by Arab artists as well as significant pieces by European artists, trained in the painting of the Arab world, is recognised in this museum. The museum is also known during the year for its temporary exhibits.

●      Jebel Hafeet

The top of the Jebel Hafeet is an indispensable day trip from Abu Dhabi and Al Ain for anyone who wants to snap a spectacular view.

This is the 2nd highest peak in the United Arab Emirates and you are greeted all the way up by winding paths from wide-ranging desert panoramas. You will be rewarded to see the vast wilderness of the area after the winding mountain road drive.

●      Jebel Jais

Jebel Jais is the highest peak in the United Arab Emirates in the Ras Al-Khaimah emirate, thanks to the rear-field road that twists and turns the mountainside, it has become much easier to reach in recent years.

At the end of this road, a range of landscaped terraces and viewing platforms deliver mountain views rolling right up to the sea, while those who are eager to combine their mountain scenery with an adrenaline rush can opt to throw themselves away from their peak on the longest zipline of the planet, which is more than two kilometres down the Jebel Jais side, hitting 120 km per hour.

●      Bastakia

The Bastakia neighbourhood of Dubai is the only remaining remnant of Old Dubai. This tiny heritage zone evokes the city’s easier, more peaceful history before the skyline was taken over by skyscrapers.

Narrow paths have beautifully preserved homes, many with wind-tower elements, in traditional Arabic architectural styles.

Several museums allow you to enter the houses in addition to the mosques and a small section of the original town wall, and to see usually the Arab interior in this neighbourhood.

●      Beaches

In the United Arab Emirates, there’s a beach for everyone.

You have plenty of options from the shores of the city on the Dubai coast with their high altitude and the golden sandy beaches of Abu Dhabi along the island’s west coast, to the luxurious sandy beaches around Ajman and the wild beaches of the Fujairah Emirates.

Many Dubai and Abu Dhabi luxury hotels have private sand patches, and non-guests can use them at the cost of one day. Water sports are available on several resort beaches, including swimming, jet skiing, standing paddle boarding and snorkelling.

●      The Desert

Make a beeline for those of an adventurous path for the open desert stretch outside the cities.

From four-wheel drive and dune-buggy trips to sandboarding and camel walks, you’ll find plenty of things to do here.

Most schedule a day trip from Dubai in the desert, but Abu Dhabi and Fujairah are both excellent sightseeing bases for the desert.

Dinners in Bedouin dress are a lighter alternative to the hollow beauty of the desert. So these are the Best Places to Visit in Dubai. So when you visit Dubai plan a trip to these places and to get a Dubai Visa checkout Dubai E Visa Online.

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