A Fun Packed Adventure Holiday Awaits in Dubai

Scuba diving in Dubai

Dubai is the land of enchanting skyscrapers, delicious foods, mesmerising culture and unending shopping expedition, it is also home to some of the most fun and unique adventure and thrilling activities that you cannot indulge in anywhere else in the world. Apart from the glitz and glamour part Dubai is home to a range of adrenaline pumping and thrilling adventurous activities which can be experienced through one of the several Dubai Adventure Packages. Dubai is an oasis for adventure freaks consisting of land and water based fun activities which seems like unending fun. Given below are few of the most fun packed activities that you should not miss out on during your visit to Dubai:

– Flyboarding

Flyboarding in Dubai

Flyboarding or hydro flying is one of the most legendary innovations in the fields of extreme water sports. This is an interesting activity if you are an avid adventure lover and are looking for something new to do. Dubai is probably one of the most happening hub spot for flyboarding that offers well versed trainers. The water gushing out in high speed from your show contraption you will be able to go as high as 15 feet and then free fall into the water from around 3 feet. It feels as exhilarating as it sounds and a must thing to do in Dubai.

– Scuba Diving

There are innumerable holiday destinations in the world that offer scuba diving services but Dubai offers a unique scuba diving experience. This is one of the prime water-based activity that offers you a peaceful and thrilling escape from the maddening and chaotic tourist sightseeing places. You will be underwater for a maximum of 2 hours while exploring the exotic marine life here and diving to as deep as 12 metres. What better way of creating some lifetime memories than exploring the ocean life. Apart from exploring the marine life here you will also be able to witness some historical atlantis like features which will make this experience one of a kind.

– Desert Safari and Dinner

Desert safari and dinner

This is probably the most landmark and iconic activity of Dubai which is very popular among the tourists visiting Dubai. This experience is exactly what it sounds, you will be seated on a 4 by 4 desert jeep safari vehicle and will be driven across the desert. This is a must do adventure if you are especially a car enthusiast. You will be taken on long and exciting rides of the dunes while bashing into them as well simultaneously. The golden desert will pan out Infront of your eyes to as far as you can comprehend and the gently undulating landscape will surely be one of the most mesmerising experiences. You can even camp here and have a peaceful moonlit dinner night complete with belly dancing performances, gilling and barbeque along with a comfortable stay.

– Hot Balloon Rides

Hot balloon rides

What better way of exploring the Dubai horizon than by indulging in a peaceful and exotic hot air balloon rides on top of the golden sands of the Dubai. Generally, this activity is very underrated by flowing freely from top of the land and observing the world from above. Getting the bird’s eye view of the city below and that of the panoramic Persian Gulf is something that you will cherish for a lifetime. If you plan on doing thisthen you must remember to go on this ride early in the morning in order to have one of the most spectacular sunrise experiences of your life. This should be on everyone’s travel list and can be attended while on your desert safari.

– Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping

When it comes to adventure and adrenaline pumping activities bungee jumping tops the list. Dubai has some of the most amazing spots to feel the thrill of falling freely through the air. Yes, there are also services for tandem bungee jumping that can be done along with a trained professional. Before the jump I suggest you take a quick moment to just look around the ravishing natural surrounding beauty of Dubai. This is probably on every body’s bucket list to experience the pure adrenaline rushing to your brain. Surely an exhilarating way of spending your holiday.

– Seaplane Rides

Seaplane rides

If you are going to Dubai especially with your family then what better way of creating lifetime memories than going on a sea plane ride over the glimmering city. Experience the quietness of the air above and the glitzy city below that will create a whole new perspective of scenic for you. You will be able to view below at the incredible buildings of burj khalifa, burj al arab, Persian gulf etc. the ride generally lasts for around 45 minutes to one hour depending on your choice and gaze down at the rich colourful landscape below. Your journey will start from the clear turquoise blue sea water and just sit back, relax and feel your stress melt away.

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