Meeting Clients? Impress and Take Them to These Restaurants in Singapore!

Meeting and Restaurants in Singapore

Though Singapore is often regarded as the most expensive city across the globe, it’s still one of the most chosen countries among expatriates, all because of high-earning potential and top-tier education facilities.

Are you looking to impress your out-of-town clients so they can love Singapore (like you do)? Who knows by doing so, you’ll get a YES to a deal you are trying to close? Or you’ll get them to sign that document of yours finally! Below is our list of the best restaurants in the country where you can take ‘em and impress ‘em:

Kai Garden

In case you have clients who are making their first inroads in Asia, then we suggest considering to take them at Kai Garden. Chefs here serve Cantonese classics with (of course) a contemporary twist. You should definitely try their signature dish called Singapore Peking Duck, or if you think your business associates are up for some adventurous food experience, you can order the Poached Garoupa in Lobster Broth. The fresh garoupa will be brought into the table sliced and gorgeously presented and then poached in lobster broth at the table. Definitely an experience your clients will never forget!

Meeting Points in Singapore


Are you expecting clients from Italy? Take them here, and they’ll be surprised to taste an authentic Italian food in Singapore, with stunning view at the Riverwalk. For sure, though their business trip will take a month or two (or even longer), it’s possible that they would not miss being at home in Italy so long as you introduce them to this Italian restaurant. They will be amazed by how this F&B offers a complete Italian dining experience. Though all their dishes are must tries from antipasti, insalate, primi piatti, secondi, pane, and pizza, you should not dare miss their smoked salmon, crab pasta, white asparagus risotto, and whiskey selections.

Your associates might also be amazed to know that this restaurant serves Food for Good. The management feels so blessed that the F&B has run for more than a decade and they felt it’s about time to contribute back to the society. They conceive a number of initiatives like providing immediate relief to individuals in difficult conditions and opening job opportunities to those with limited education. Who would’ve thought that through simply dining here, you’re taking part of their advocacies!

The White Rabbit

This restaurant in Singapore is located far from the usual corporate hangout locales as Raffles and Telok Ayer, making it a perfect place to impress clients who visit Singapore so frequently that they are on a first-name basis with the staffs and servers at the Club Street hotspots. Located in a former chapel from the 1930s in Dempsey Hill, clients will be impressed by a beautiful and laid back environment.

Since its opening in 2008, The White Rabbit easily becomes one of the Singapore’s leading classic institutions. This restaurant presents a curated selection of craft gins, garnished with herbs from their very own garden. Sit at the al fresco picnic tables if you want to keep your meeting feeling casual or even to celebrate after a successful one!

Ding Dong

A little bit of Ding with a little bit of Dong! Ding Dong is a resto serving up Asian classics with a contemporary flair. However, the setting and ambiance here are somehow more casual than the ordinary. Set in an old shophouse on Club Street, Ding Dong is ideal to visit for clients in the creative services. It explores modern yet nostalgic ingredients, inspired by Southeast Asian flavors and paired with especially handcrafted boutique wines and cocktails. Your out-of-town business clients will immediately be intrigued by the menu offerings, like Burnt Nasu with Crab, Crispy Shrimp, and Wagyu Beef Char Siew. Pair up your meals with bespoke cocktails crafted by their talented mixologists.


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Angelo Castelda works as a contributor for a news magazine in Singapore. He has a refined interest in food and beverages and loves to seek varieties of food experiences around the world.

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