Best Places for Foodies, Walking and Outdoor Activities in Singapore

Places to Visit in Singapore

People have various types of obsession; Singaporeans’ are mostly obsessed with food. But finding the best food outlet in a new place is difficult. Some people also face the problem of vegetarian outlets. Spotting a Real taste in a foreign country is next to a very difficult mission, to help you and make your struggle easier, we advised you with some of the best-eating outlets that offer the delicious tastes at an affordable price. Now enjoy your meals, at one of these places. You can save your bucks from paying a large amount in eating to investing them to enjoy your Singapore holidays. To help you out with your struggles, we noted down some of the best Singaporean outlets.

Check these Outlets in Singapore as per your Food choice:

Best Places for Foodies in Singapore

1. Nasi Lemak, D’s Joint Timbre
Its mostly crowded by IT and Tech- guys, enjoying a plate of Nasi lemak along with Sambal belachan chile, the place also offers fried Ikan kuIkanikan bilis with an omelet on sides.

2. Bak Kut Teh
It’s a Pork ribs soup garnished with herbs like Star Anise. The place offers a dish named Klang Bak Kut Teh, a dark and high flavored herbal soup. It’s a very humble dish and can be spotted easily at local stalls.

3. Wanton Mee
Dried Wanton Noodles, cooked with sweet sauce, slices of pork char siew and the delicious Wanton pork dumplings served with a small bowl of soup. It’s a most eaten dish in Singapore you can choose your variant of spice level as per your tolerance.

4. Annalakshmi
If you are vegetarian, this is the best place it offers Dosai filled with potatoes, uthappam topped with onions, and fried cauliflower. You need to reserve your seats on weekends as it’s really crowded.

Exploring Singapore on feet is the best thing to do ever. Singapore has many Gardens, trails, reserves, forest wildlife bird sanctuaries etc. It’s the best place for all the nature lovers. Singapore tourism offers the best and most amazing sights you can come across exploring the places. There are various places in Singapore that can be explored on foot, it has a large number of Reserves and wildlife. Singapore is truly a place for all the travelers who travel in search of peace and travel miles to provide peace to their inner soul. Singapore is the best places for foodies, action, culture and socializing. It offers a variety of events and activities that are performed in a group of people and allow people from various places to come in contact with each other.

Some of the best Scenic Walking areas are:

Best Scenic Walking areas in Singapore

1. Southern Ridges
The 10km long trail offers the most serene panoramic view of the city. The Singapore Southen Ridges is a great place for nature lovers and bird watchers, including Forest walk and canopy walk it has a large variety of flora and fauna.

2. Fort canning park It’s a hilltop landmark in Singapore which is full of surprises, many musical concerts take place in the outdoor lawns and it has lots of greenery for nature lovers. This park has it all shopping, history music and serene environment.

3. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
It’s a dream place for nature lovers, it’s an 87-hectare site having crabs, mudskippers, crocodiles, and lobsters etc. Visitors often visit here to enjoy nature and attend art classes or prawn farming demo, you can learn and try it in real to have fun and add on a memory to your Singapore tour.

4. Bukit Batok Nature Park
It was developed in 1988, serene and tranquil nature walk for the peddlers. You can walk around and enjoy the ambiance around the surrounding, you can also go hiking and rock climbing to have a look of 10 stories high quarry.

Do you love sports and adventures?? If yes, then just get up and grab your bags, call your adrenaline buddies for rushing adventure. Time to get out of your comfort zones and try these super exciting and fun activities only available in Singapore, Singapore is a place for Kids and Families both. Water parks and gardens for families, roller coasters for teens and mini explorer free kids outdoors for your kiddos, what more can you ask for!

For the thrills seeking lovers Singapore offers a variety of outdoor activities:

Outdoor activities for Lovers in Singapore

1. Zipline, Sentosa Island
The Awesome experience of soaring through the sky on a trio of zip lines, gliding through the soaring jungle. Enjoy the South China Sea and also get your video recorded for as a lifetime memory.

2. Kayaking, MacRitchie Reservoirs
Sit-on-top of kayaks and paddle in a novice zone. It’s a double or single adventure in Singapore, high closed deck and sprint kayaks are rented to those having at least one-star-certification as a safety measure.’

3. Scuba Diving, Outram pool
People love going underwater, east of Singapore has an arrangement for having scuba diving, one has to carry a compressed air gas cylinder on the back and explore underwater lifestyle.

4. Paintball
Group of 8-10 people, fighting using guns, that fires small pellets of paints, and the field is covered with various obstacles scattered here and there also used as tactical cover by the players.

There are various Outdoor Activities to do in Singapore may it be on Air, water, land some of them are Sky Diving, bungee jumping, River Safari, Pulau Ubin, TreeTop Walk, Birdwatching etc. Visit Singapore, it has 100 of outdoor activities to be done; you won’t get bored here and would love to try each one of them. Singapore is a pocket-friendly for a group of friends or a family with kiddos.

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