10 Famous Dishes of Singapore Which Must be Tasted While on Singapore Holidays

Roti Prata in Singapore

Are you fond of eating? Then surely you would love Singapore. This is a place which delights everyone either from its sightseeing, its adventure, it’s vibrant culture, or gastronomy. And if you are one who loves vibrant taste then the foods of Singapore might prove heaven for you.

Foods from Singapore are offering us the rich legacy of sustenance. Dishes comprising of Indian, Malaysian, Chinese with Indonesian flavours. There could not be any excuse for not to try these real and palatable dishes of Singapore. But what to taste? It is offering you thousands of dishes. Hence, we have summed up these rich and luscious foods of Singapore into a list of ten items.

So, let’s see some famous dishes of Singapore which you must must and must try amid your Singapore Holidays –

Roti Prata

Perhaps this is the best ever vegetarian food dish of Lion City. Roti Prata is a light dish totally opposite to its name and it’s a puffy sweet pastry pancake which is outstandingly rolled and twirled to pass the air. Thereafter this prata gets fried till a golden brown color appears and give it a crispy flavour. OffCourse, due to Indian origin, this dish is traditionally used to serve only with curry but Singaporeans in order to give it an exotic and variant taste has used to serve it with cheese, mushrooms, banana, and even with yum yum chocolates for a sweet and appetizing taste. Some hawker stalls use to serve with the mug of teh tarik – hot frothy milk tea. This is the only famous Indian foods.

Mee Goreng, Nasi Goreng Singapore

Mee Goreng / Nasi Goreng

Mee Goreng or Nasi Goreng is one of the most famous Singaporean Dishes which is a unique combination of fried noodles or fried rice making it a special dish to serve on the platters of its visitors. This dish was initially introduced by the Chinese immigrants but later Indians and Malays embellished it with its own flavors. This singaporean dish is even listed in most unique combinations of Singapore resulting into tasty yellow noodles or yellow rice garnished with green chilies, tomatoes, onion, garlic, peas, carrots, eggs, and even tofu also. Mee Goreng is fried with various sauces to give it the most appetizing flavor you have ever tasted before. Add some Ketchup for a more sweeter taste.

Chinese Rojak Singapore

Chinese Rojak

In Malay, Rojak means an “eclectic mix” and this dish surely proves its name. This dish of Singapore delineates the vibrant diversity of Lion city taking together the disparate things with spicy flavors and results into a spellbind taste. It is a dark and sticky salad stir with luscious vegetables and fruits including mango, pineapple, sprouts, banana flower, cucumber, turnip, ginger, dough fritters etc adorned with heavy black sauce served with chopped peanuts and beautifully cut ginger flowers topped over it. Due to its dark appearance, this salad may not allure you first but once you taste this dish you want to eat it again and again. It is a brilliant fusion of sweet, sour, spicy taste, one of the national dishes of Singapore.

Gado - Gado Singapore

Gado – Gado

Singapore is offering you the outstanding collection of vibrant and appetizing salad prepared in an Indonesian style. This mouth-watering Signature dish of Singapore Gado Gado is perfect to keep you healthy and mesmerizing with its taste. Gado Gado is also referred as Lotek, a combination of blanched green vegetables such as boiled potato, hard – boiled eggs and fried tofu, tempeh, lontong, which is tossed with peanut sauce and decorated with wafer tapioca crackers. This main dish of Singapore is not just tasty but also very beneficial for your health, you must try this Singaporean dish.

Carrot Cake Singapore

Carrot Cake

Don’t go over its name because Carrot cake is actually prepared without a carrot. It comprises of Chinese radish rice flour, and eggs which are then baked into cakes. Thereafter, these cakes are diced and blend browned with eggs, salted radish, garlic and spring onion. Some other items needed for its preparation are shrimp or diced mushroom. You will certainly have two choices either to go with black which is fried with soya sauce or plain white. You can also add chili powder to give this dish a more spicy flavor. This is one of the famous local dishes of Singapore.

Dosai Singapore


Indian Dosa has gained its popularity in Singapore also. Long, thin, crispy Dosai has a South Indian origin which is made from rice flour. Traditionally, it was used to be served with sambar, vegetable curry or coconut chutney but now Singaporeans are giving it a more unique and appealing taste by serving it with potatoes, vegetables, and spices. Each and every place is providing a brilliant Dosai in Singapore but in my opinion best place to partake this wonderful dish is Komala Vilas Restaurant which is located in South India and delighting Singaporeans with the different versions of famous South Indian dishes.

Hainanese Chicken Rice Singapore

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice, most popular and lovable dish in Singapore is simply a mixture of the boiled chicken stir with fried rice and spicy vibrant sauces also known as “Khao man gai” in Thailand. Hainanese chicken rice is a Chinese SIngaporean dish given by the early Chinese immigrants and today placed itself among one of the national dishes of Singapore.

Dim Sum Singapore

Dim Sum

Your flavor to Singapore would not be complete without tasting Dim-Sum. This traditional Singaporean dish is inspired from The Hong Kong / Shanghai also known as “Dian Xin”. This is actually a combination of several dishes served according to typical Chinese customs. Some well known Dim-Sum dishes are BBQ Pork Bun, Xiao Long Bao, Chee Cheong Fun, Siew Mai etc. You Must try these Dishes of Singapore on your holidays to The Lion city.

Laksa Singapore


Laksa is a Singaporean dish which stands out with delectable Chinese and Malay elements also known as Peranakan Culture. Two most popular Laksa are Curry Laksa and Asam Laksa. Singapore is said to be famous with Curry Laksa, however, asam laksa is crowing Malaysian region such as Penang Laksa. Singapore Laksa i.e. curry laksa consists of vermicelli, coconut milk, fish slices, shrimp, cockles, tau pok etc. Don’t finish your holidays without tasting these Laksa Dishes in Singapore.

Crabs Singapore


Sweet and spicy tomato chili sauce or black pepper sauce are two of the renowned styles of partaking delicious crab dishes in Singapore. These crabs are often eaten with fried mantous (buns) on which succulent chili sauce is topped in order to garnish it. These spicy crabs have to go with two-step of cooking in which the first step is boiling so that crabs don’t get stick to the shell and then they are fried. Although, Singaporeans have innovated many cooking styles of crabs such as salted egg crabs and crab bee hoon. If You are a crabs lover you will be having a golden time in Singapore because crabs are the famous traditional dishes of Singapore.


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