8 Best Places to Visit in Pushkar, Rajasthan India

Puskhar Lake Bank

The land of glory, culture, history and camels, Pushkar is one of the ancient cities of the state. Located close to Ajmer, this place is famous among those who want to enjoy camel activities and among pilgrims. It is easier to scale Pushkar on foot, once you reach the city. You can also choose to rent bikes or camel safari to explore the region. Here are the top places to explore in Pushkar Tour.

1. Puskhar Lake Bank

This bank is a large open area where you can find numerous traditional activities and picnic spots. During the camel fair, which takes place in October or November; this bank is the iconic attraction of Rajasthan. The famous cattle fair happens in Pushkar. This is the place to enjoy everything about camel like camel beauty contest, camel parade, race, camel trading and much more. Many stalls will be erected to enjoy shopping and other traditional activities.

Pushkar Lake Rajasthan
2. Pushkar Lake

The attraction does not enjoy with the banks of the lake. The lake itself is an important pilgrimage site. According to legends, Lord Brahma offered his prayers. There are several ghats in the lake, where people take bath or perform rituals. Top ghats to visit in the early morning are Yag, Jaipur, Gangaur, Dadhich, Gwalior, Varaha, and Karni Ghat. You can also take part in the aarti that takes place during sunset.

Merta in Pushkar Rajasthan
3. Merta

Merta is a small fortified region, which is famous as the birth place of Meera Bai, devotee of Krishna. This place holds a lot of temples and other architectural attractions. Visit the palaces and temples of this region. Visit Charbhuja temple by sunrise to enjoy aarti.

Naga Pahar Rajasthan
4. Naga Pahar

The city and Ajmer are divided by a small hill. This hill is called as Naga Pahar. According to myth, the hill is diminishing as time passes by and in future, the hill would disappear completely. The hill is famous for Nag und lake, trekking, cave exploration; panoramic view of the city, spiritual walks and so on.

Rose Garden Pushkar Rajasthan
5. Rose Garden

Pushkar is not just about camels. The place is famous for its rose gardens too. The city is called as the Rose Garden of Rajasthan. The farmers have acres of rose gardens with different colored roses. Most of the farms do not allow tourists to walk into the boundaries. However, you can walk along the path to enjoy the beauty and fragrance.

Sarafa Bazaar Pushkar Rajasthan
6. Sarafa Bazaar

There is one main advantage of visiting an ancient city, apart from architectural beauty and historic importance. It is the shopping factor. A city with rich history will have a list of art forms that are unique to the place. This allows unique souvenirs to be a part of the culture of the land. Top things to buy in Pushkar are leather products, turbans, trinkets, handicrafts, jewelry and much more. Visit Sarafa bazaar for the best shopping experience.

Temples in Pushkar Rajasthan
7. Temples

The place is lined with temples and you ought to visit at least a few of them. Do you know that Pushkar is one of the few places where Lord Brahma has a temple? The place is famous for a list of temples and the top ones to visit are Paap Mochini temple, Savitiri temple, Apteshwar temple, Old Rangji temple, Mahadeva temple, Atmeshwar temple, Raghunath temple and others.

Kishangarh Pushkar Rajasthan
8. Kishangarh

This region is located, a little away from Pushkar. This place is famous for marble mines, forts, mahals and much more. Top places to visit here are Phool Mahal, Roopangarh Fort and others. Shop at the local markets for marble decors. Many forts are transformed into luxury hotel, for a pampering vacation.

Pushkar is the best place to enjoy a relaxed vacation in Rajasthan. Visit during winter, to enjoy a blissful sightseeing experience.

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