Best Things To Do In Batangas

Best Things To Do In Batangas

Known widely for its fantastic diving spots and captivating beach resorts, Batangas, a province in Southern Luzon, has captured the hearts of many foreigners and locals alike.

Batangas is a popular city, province, and destination down south of Manila because of its iconic diving spots and beach resorts which is perfect for when you want to get a dose of vitamin sea. More than that, Batangas has become a family favorite through the years because of its close proximity to Manila, making it an easy way out of the stressful life in the city.

What better way to appreciate the province than to fully immerse yourself in all its wondrous activities and famous tourist destinations? Below is a list to help you in finding out the best things to do in Batangas:

Local Heritage Tour

Batangas is filled with a lot of heritage spots enough to satisfy your craving for both history and culture. Just a tip, make sure you take a tour around the Taal Heritage Village, then you’ll find yourself surrounded by well-preserved ancestral homes, buildings, plazas, and a few more. This will definitely make you feel a whole lot of vibe, transporting you back to the Spanish colonization period.

Fees shouldn’t be that expensive, only enough for the local government of Batangas to maintain the buildings and ancestral homes. Each tour to a museum, building, or home should cost you around 50 to 100 pesos, which isn’t so bad, considering all the new facts you’ll be learning about the province.

Visit Beaches

Batangas is popularly known for its stunning beaches and upscale beach resorts. If you’re just around the area–especially during summer–you might want to book a room or two with some of the city’s most famous beach resorts.

Pico de Loro Cove, for one, has become a family favorite over the years. This private beach resort in Nasugbu will definitely make you want to keep coming back. So much activities are available for guests of all ages, both land- and sea-based, and here are some:

● Cove tour
● Mangrove tour
● Trekking
● Snorkeling
● Scuba diving
● Bird-watching
● Speedboat rental

If you’re a fan of beaches, but you don’t want to go to far off places or take a plane, then Batangas is the best place to be! Approximately about 90 minutes away from the metro, you’ll get a good beach fix without much of a hassle in transportation!

Climb A Mountain

Well, well, if you still haven’t experienced hiking before, then you should definitely go on your first hike here in Batangas! The province is not only famous for its diving spots and beaches, but also for its beginner-friendly mountains!

Batangas is home to about 14 mountain peaks with varying climbing grades, depending on how much you’ve mastered the art of hiking before. For first-timers, Mt. Gulugod Baboy is the best one yet, which is about 525 meters above sea level, offering gradual slopes and a breathtaking view of Batangas City’s diving mecca, Anilao.


Well, I did mention that Batangas has fantastic diving spots, remember?

If going up and down mountains aren’t precisely your cups of tea, then you might like this one. Diving and Anilao are two words you can never separate from one another, especially if you’re talking about Batangas. This is because Anilao is considered the ultimate diving spot in Batangas.

Although a friendly reminder though, you might want to save your diving experience over the summer, when the waters are clear and calm, and when the weather suggests so, just so you could save yourself from possible mishaps. Better to be safe than sorry! And anyway, the local government and divers wouldn’t allow tourists to go diving when it seems too risky, considering the weather changes.

Go On A Pilgrimage Tour

Going on a pilgrimage tour is a must whenever you’re in Batangas. This is because the province is home to many old churches filled with history, culture, and tradition. Destress, detox, and keep yourself away from the stressful life of the city as you go on a peaceful retreat down south of Manila in Batangas’ most famous churches, namely:

● The Minor Basilica of St. Martin de Tours in Taal
● San Sebastian Cathedral in Lipa
● Our Lady Of Caysasay Shrine in Taal
● Padre Pio Shrine in Tanauan
● Marian Orchard in Balete
● Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Lipa

Go On A Food Trip

When in Batangas, it’s also a must to try the different Batangas delicacies and specialties, just like Batangas lomi, bulalo, sinaing na tulingan, tawilis, halo-halo, lechon balayan, and so much more.

Filipinos are very much known to love food. With all these specialties, cuisines, and delicacies, we have diverse dishes in the different regions of the Philippines. If you’re somewhere near the area or taking a few days off in Batangas, then you might want to check out the province’s most prominent food choices.

Wrapping Up

Batangas is filled with diversity yet still preserves its own culture and traditions. Don’t miss spending a day or two exploring this beautiful province in the Philippines. It’s all going to be worth it.

Author’s Bio: Angelo Castelda is a freelance writer and digital nomad who loves to travel around Asia. He finds comfort in working around the beautiful islands and beaches of the Philippines, which is where he usually draws inspiration when writing.

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