Best Things To Do In Batangas

Best Things To Do In Batangas

February 13, 2020

Known widely for its fantastic diving spots and captivating beach resorts, Batangas, a province in Southern Luzon, has captured the hearts of many foreigners and locals alike. Batangas is a popular city, province, and destination down south of Manila because of its iconic diving spots and beach resorts which is perfect for when you want […]

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Boat in Philippines

Philippine Summer Destinations to Include on Your Bucket List

July 26, 2019

It is no great secret that the Philippines is indeed a beautiful country. From the breathtaking landscapes of the mountains to the stunning pristine beach clubs like Pico de Loro. Each island in this country offers a unique adventure and experience to every individual that travels here. If you are looking for the best places […]

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5 Important Tips for Traveling to the Philippines on a Budget

5 Important Tips for Traveling to the Philippines on a Budget

June 25, 2019

More and more international travel bloggers around the globe have been falling in love with the Philippines. And we aren’t even surprised why. The Philippines is a complete island paradise. Its pristine-colored beaches, tropical and relaxed vibe, beautiful sunsets, delicious food, and friendly people, are some of the reasons why the country is becoming one […]

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This Week's Top Stories About Swan Valley Tours WA Tours

Philippine Destinations Where You Can Cool Off This Summer

April 23, 2019

Although the Philippines doesn’t exactly fall on the globe’s equator, it’s still one of the hottest countries in the world. Countless natural, cultural, and historical beauties aside, the archipelago is also a top tourist destination due to its tropical weather. Sometimes, though, the heat can become almost unbearable, especially during the summer. So to help […]

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Manila Bay Waterfront

Top Ten Places to Visit in Manila Philippines

September 25, 2018

Manila, the not so much hyped destination of South East Asia, is a treasure trove for tourists and backpackers. Also, nicknamed the “Pearl of the Orient”, the city to large extent serves as the stopover for travellers, wanting to explore the surrounding magnificent landscape. But, this underrated city has a plethora of things to explore […]

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