Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Netherlands

Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Netherlands

Netherlands is one of the most charming places on earth. In the 2021 list of best countries to live in, it ranks at #7 with respect to the high quality of life in the country. It is frequently dubbed as the perfect destination for a vacation by renowned travel bloggers and influencers. If you still aren’t convinced to visit this heaven on earth, I present you ten of many good reasons:

1.     The Windmills

Windmills are an iconic attraction in the Netherlands, and there are a lot of them far and wide. Contrary to popular belief, they are not just for show. They were originally built to drain the swampy marshlands around the country to prevent flooding, and several are still operational; some are also used for grinding grain. Many of these prestigious windmills are now preserved as national monuments, and inside tours are possible. They sure add aesthetic value to the Dutch land and look great in photos. When visiting the Netherlands, taking a ‘selfie’ with a windmill in the background is the ultimate tourist thing to do.

2.     Cycling

About 85% of the Dutch population owns at least one bike, hence, it is the most common form of transport in the country. The majority of locals prefer to take a walk or ride a bike to cover short distances, which is indeed a very green practice. Urban and rural cycling are both popular, and riding a bike everywhere is pretty safe, as the land is geographically flat. Cycling along the stunning countryside is perhaps the most wonderful experience ever.

3.     Cheese

If you love cheese, you will definitely adore the Netherlands. More than 650 thousand tons of cheese is produced in the country every year. Did you know that the Gouda and Edam cheese are inventions of the Dutch? Fresh balls of both varieties are readily available in local market places. There are many other kinds of cheese as well, and all are better than any cheese you have had to date.

4.     Craft Beer

If you are a beer buff, the Dutch beer culture will certainly appeal to you. Amsterdam is famous for its ‘Heineken’, though the craft beer scene all over the country is even bigger. You will find numerous private breweries throughout Netherlands; they manufacture the classics, as well as contemporary beers, which are traditional beers with a personal touch or unique twist. The nation is famous for beer making since the beginning, so the diversity and superb quality are no surprise.

5.     Tulips

Netherland is home to over 800 varieties of Tulips, which are grown all over the country on farmlands. The optimum time to visit the Dutch Tulip fields is April and May, as they are in full bloom at that time of the year. Strolling along the flowery gardens in spring will compel you to break into song.

6.     Historic and Modern Art

The Dutch have a rich history, and gave birth to several renowned artists in the world, including Vincent Van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, and Rembrandt Van Rijn. Amsterdam is famous for its historical buildings, whereas Rotterdam is known for its exquisitely modern architecture. There are numerous museums all over the country showcasing ancient and contemporary art.

7.     Dutch Delicacies

When in Netherlands, make sure you try their interesting cuisine and bizarre snacks. ‘Stroopwafels’ is a sandwich of biscuit-like waffles with caramel or some other syrup in-between, which are really delicious. A standard breakfast among the Dutch is bread with sprinkles (and butter) on top; the sprinkles come in many flavors, but the chocolate ones called ‘Hagelslag’ are most popular. Then there are the miniature pancakes called ‘Poffertjes’, which are served with butter and powdered sugar. The country is also known for its French Fries and Herring fish.

8.     Thriving Economy

The Netherlands is a country with very low unemployment and crime rates. The per capita GDP is quite high, and locals enjoy the benefits. It is among the safest countries on earth, peaks in tourism, and possesses an amazing public transport system. It is an ideal place to settle down; though business might be slow if you are a licensed criminal defense lawyer.

9.     Beautiful People

Most of the Dutch population can speak very good English, so getting around won’t be a hassle. Not to mention, the locals are generally very happy, warm, and welcoming people. They are eager to help out tourists and be a friend. If you are into blond and tall men, the Dutch guys might be just your type. Dutch women are stunning, polite, independent, sporty, and flirtatious.

10. So much to See and Do

The Netherlands brims with charismatic towns and cities. The landscapes are breathtaking, from the tranquil islands to the busy night life in big cities. There are so many activities to enjoy for adults and children. You can experience magnificent festivals, parties, and concerts all year.

Author: BioJohn Adams is a lifestyle and travel blogger who loves sharing his personal opinions and experiences. He is a true foodie, reserving a special place for desserts in his heart. He encourages readers to take risks and live the life of their dreams.

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