Best Places to Visit in Mumbai for Couples

Juhu Beach Mumbai

Being in love and feeling the urge to spend time with your partner is an unexplained feeling all over. The zeal, the enthusiasm, the passion when a person is in in love makes everything seem so perfect that the worldly boundaries seem impossible to prohibit them from being with each other. But, there are indeed some obstacles in the path of love, some social while some personal. These days the laws are stricter, so couples find get very few places to get cozy while being in public eyes. But the hope should never die when you are in Mumbai. It is considered to be one of the most couple-friendly cities across India as it provides ample scope to the lovebirds to get to spend some private time with each other.

There are many awesome places in Mumbai for couples to visit, some are mentioned here.

Nariman point – situated in Worli this place can be reached via the gateway of India or church-gate. The visual delight of the Arabian sea is something that attracts the couple from all over the world. Its soothing essence is what the calmer people love the most.

Marine Drive – This place does not need any introduction as it so famous not only in this city but worldwide. The long beach area is a perfect match for easy going couples who love to take a stroll together, hand-in-hand. Night owls also find this place quite exquisite to let their heart do the talk.

Worli Sea Face – Though beaches are very frequent in Mumbai, this is something phenomenal and exceptional when it comes to adding up spices to one’s love life. Nearer to Mahalaxmi or Lower Parel railway station, this place is an epitome of successful relationship gestures that never go wrong with couples.Hanging Gardens Mumbai

Juhu Beach – As is in the name, located in Juhu Chowpatty area, this beach is famous for its sunset view. The thrill it attains in the heart of the lovers is enough for the cupid to strike. The lip-smacking ‘chat masala’ and ‘faluda’ amongst other delicacies also add to the food freak couples’ goals.

Victoria Gardens (Jijamata Udyaan) – The wild couples must visit this place for some wildly romance amidst the wild animals. This park consists of several endangered species to look out to and also a huge area for couples to relax and chill.

Chhota Kashmir – Kashmir in Mumbai may sound tricky but it is so in Goregaon east’s Aarey milk colony’s vast area of natural beauty. The harmony that this place has within itself is enough for people in love to forget the world when together here.

Hanging Gardens – situated at the topmost point of the Malabar Hill, this pace qualifies as one of the best places to notice in Mumbai. The whole garden is terraced in a water reservoir that shells out serenity to the couples who want some peaceful and quality time to be together.

Love in itself is a compassionate journey, where two bodies become one soul. It may sound all cliche, but the fact is that people who aren’t into love ever before won’t understand those early goosebumps and splendid blushing of being in this feeling called love! So, a place where all these emotions can come out in front of our partner without any boundaries becomes a necessity for younger couples (older ones are found too, though less in number!). Hence the knowledge of the ideal places to visit with your partner is must have for youngsters to let the feelings roll out.

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