4 Secret Adventure Destinations In Mumbai That You Didn’t Know About

Malvan - Snorkeling and Scuba diving

Travelling has become a recent addiction for a lot of people across the planet. The freedom one feels while travelling is unexplained. At some point in life, we all want to explore the realm of adventure through travel. The excitement, fear and adrenaline that unfurl at that very instant make us feel more alive and grateful for the gift of life. Paragliding in Cape Town, Scuba in Bali, mountain biking on the Scottish Highlands are popular entities on people’s bucket list. What if I told you that there is a treasure trove of such experiences around the famous city of Mumbai in India. These destinations are just a few hours away from the city and perfect if you are planning for a weekend getaway.

Kolad- River Rafting:

Kolad - River Rafting in Mumbai

If water is your element then I’m pretty sure you will feel at home in Kolad. Situated at just 120 Km from the city it is encompassed by greenery, lush mountains and glorious waters. Although it has many other water sports, rafting is the highlight of this place. The river Kundalika flows throughout the year which makes this a perfect choice for the hot summers.

Panchagani – Paragliding:

Panchgani, a beautiful hill station positioned between the ranges of Sahyadri, is just 260kms away from the city. Due to its geography, it is blessed with a wonderful climate. The clear skies, pleasant winds and beautiful view make it a hotspot for paragliding. You can explore various levels of paragliding here based on your liking and interest for the sport via the various clubs available.

Lonavala- Bungee Jumping and Dirt Biking:

Lonavala is a beautiful hill station surrounded by lush green serenity, waterfalls and ample lakes to soothe your soul. This is a perfect destination if you are visiting with your family and want an escape from the hush and bush of a buzzing city. You can camp near the lakes, or trek the hills. For adventure lovers Bungee jumping is a must try as the elevation of the place is suitable for an enriching Bungee experience. There are professionals at the vicinity of the place to ensure your safety and help you check this task off your bucket list.

There are also adventure parks at Lonavala that provide some of the most spellbinding and hair raising dirt biking adventures. You can throttle your bike and race tracks, but don’t forget to get your safety gear on. Once you are done you are on your way zooming ahead and feeling the wind in your hair. Wouldn’t that be a lovely gift to your adventurous self?

Malvan- Snorkeling and Scuba diving:

Malvan - Snorkeling and Scuba diving

Malvan is surrounded by turquoise beaches that are home to coral reefs. Almost 6 hours away from Mumbai this scenic beauty is all that snorkeling and scuba diving dreams are made of. With the help of a professional diver, you can delve deeper into the realms of the ocean and explore the beauty marine life has to offer.

Prabhalgad- Night Trek:

Prabhalgad - Night Trek

Discover the mystery of the night with every step you take while you trek at Prabhalgad. You can reach this wonderful spot within a short span of 2 hours from Mumbai. Sleeping under the stars, following the trails of the fireflies, discovering new species of flora and fauna are just some of the things that give your night an adventurous vibe. Say goodbye to the busy city life to come and experience what it is like to live in the wild and wake up to the sounds of nature. Not just Prabhalgad, but there are a lot of other one-day trekking sites around Mumbai you can explore with time as you go.


Author Bio: Mohan is a Junior Associate at Swag Swami, an online E-Commerce portal for funky T Shirts in India. He is also an avid gamer who spends his free time logged into Steam. He also practices Yoga and meditation regularly and teaches Yoga at the Cosmopolitan Center in India.

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