Lessons Learned From the Tour of Morocco with Virikson Morocco

Lessons Learned from the Tour of Morocco with Virikson Morocco

The idea of travelling alone to the Morocco without parent’s support and taking two extra holidays from office without the consent of boss and another important factor was my limited budget. That was the most dreadful decision of my life. You might be thinking that it had definitely tuned out an amazing experience. No, it remained horrible till I came back home. But yes, this holiday to Morocco was and ultimate experience of life for me. Anyways, holding my breath, looked at my tickets and accepting that fact of being stubborn in the matter of travelling.

Well the journey was a constant series of lessons not only about travelling but life has taught many other directions too.

Stay humble
Humbleness is key point, don’t get rude when vendors are insisting, in fact try to ignore them on the first place. Don’t let them feel by anyway that you’re interested in their product for any reason.

Ignorance is bliss
To avoid them catching you as a tourist, stay expression less from face. This one of the most important lessons and it didn’t only go for vendors but for pickpockets and other frauds too.

Pack minimum stuff
It was the biggest mistake of my life, I packed almost all of my stuff, those all things were nothing but a burden during the journey. Because of this bag I was unable to enjoy mountain trekking. You should not repeat that mistake and keep only essentials with you.

Carry some local cash
Wondering around the medinas and alleys, people will follow you and to get rid of them either you have to refuse them in the beginning or provide some cash. Therefore, keep it in mind whenever you are going out alone.

Take guide along
Try to book all-inclusive holiday package for you and make sure that includes a tour guide. It is necessary if you are completely non-native to the country. He’ll guide you and will assist in a better way.

Take calculated risks
Always keep the track of your path. In case you are lost then you should know your way back. No, it not that I got lost in any forest but I lost my job. My boss couldn’t tolerate extra two holidays and ask me to resign and I followed. Losing job was not the worst part but I was left out with no money. So, whenever you’re planning anything like this, make sure you’ve a backup plan.

Lessons Learned from the Tour of Morocco with Virikson Morocco

However, apart from the troubles of a journey, the country had its best culture to offer. Complementary, I met a Canadian teacher, she was an old lady but had an inspiring story of life. Actually, she taught me to be humble and advise me to stay honest in every matter of life because it is the only thing that give you a clear view of reality and help you cope with it.

It was not easy but I got best lessons of life. Now I work with my own pace and not relaying on anybody. So, all is fine when it ends fine.

Author: I am Maria, a travel blogger from UK. Writing is my ultimate passion and nowadays, I am into the mission of providing creative and unique blogs on Morocco’s lively culture and traditions. I can help people in planning their journey by sharing my amazing experience to Morocco.

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