A Real Houseboat Tour in Alappuzha (Andhakaranazhy)

Houseboat Tour in Alappuzha.

I love travelling and exploring new places and sometimes re-visiting the same places which I have added to my favorite list.

I was heading to Kerala to reach Alappuzha and to explore the houseboat rides and its experience. The first thing I noticed while reaching Alappuzha is the coconut trees and the second thing is backwaters. I reached Andhakartanazhy which is a small village located deep inside Alappuzha with no rush and free from all busy city activities and noises.

A Real Houseboat Tour in Alappuzha (Andhakaranazhy)

Then booked a package with “Aralib&b” for my stay and for my local backwater tour. They guided me and helped me with everything. With the help of their team I really had a budgeted stay and tour at Alappuzha, Kerala. Also a comfortable stay with delicious delicacy of Kerala had awakened my taste buds. Really had a wonderful experience and good hospitality. I think it’s totally worth the money because the scenery and the beach access is outstanding. No crowd.. rush it’s all free and calm.

Houseboat Tour in Alappuzha (Andhakaranazhy)

Always looking forward for a backwater tours by exploring the local villages and their crafts, people and other traditional stuffs.

Really had a marvelous ride which was beautiful and memorable. Experiencing the whole village through the middle of backwaters in the canoe was mind-blowing and romantic. This is what I call the perfect beauty of Kerala Backwaters. The landscapes were a personification of a serene, stunning wonder.

Houseboat Tour in Alappuzha

Boat Ride Options

There are few available options from which you can choose the best one for your kind of tour.

Local Transport Boats: You can go to the local ferry terminals and take a ticket and get into the boat. This is much cheaper and we can get down at any place and explore that village and crafts. In the same boat we can make our return trip by waiting for its return time. These are run by Kerala State Water Transport Authorities.

Houseboat Tour in Alappuzha.
Canoe Rowing: You can choose a small canoe ride by hiring a local. This is also affordable and can enjoy the open air and sea.

Alappuzha Houseboat & Stay: This you can prefer according to your budget. If you are looking for a night stay then you can have a luxuries stay at houseboats with all good amenities. This is going be a bit high in price. But indeed a different experience. We opted to stay at out booked cottage “Aralibanb” at Andhakaranazhy Beach due to the beach access we had. Or-else you can book the whole holiday package.

For me “Arali” team helped me with guidelines for having a comfortable and budgeted Alleppey tours. And I really had a good holiday. This is my experience of Alappuzha and Andhakaranazhy houseboat tours.

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