Hampi: Group of Monuments in Karnataka, A Perfect Escape From Hyderabad

Stone Charriot

Hampi – A perfect weekend gateway from Hyderabad or Bangalore – has a lot of spectacular monuments which are worth exploring.

Abadoned monument with beautiful landscapeVisiting ruins of Hampi is a perfect weekend gateway from Hyderabad or Bangalore. Hampi is situated in Karnataka, India. Hyderabad to Hampi is a seven-hour journey and the road are well maintained except the 15 km around stretch which goes from village area. Hampi is now preserved as world heritage site and is being maintained by UNESCO. Hampi major attractions are its ruined beautiful temples, ancient market street, royal pavilions, remains of aquatic structures, and many more. Hampi is a place for a historical lover, religious people or a photographer.

Underground Siva TempleHampi ruins speak about the flourishing, rich history and fall of Vijayanagara Empire. It has its root attached with Ramayana also and was known as ‘Kishkinda and Pami’ in Ramayana age. Every single monument has its own story to explain. During the era of Vijayanagara Empire at around 1500 AD, it was considered to be the second largest city in the world. But as the time passes it lost its charm due to the attack of Mughals and was destroyed and looted for a long time. So we are now just left with the ruins to admire the glory of the city.

Vithala TempleMost famous temple of Hampi is Vithala and Virupaksha Temple. Vithala temple was built in the 16th century and is a great example of the rich architecture of Vijayanagara Empire. The stone chariot that stands at the entry of Vithala temple is the major attraction of temple and is seen on new 50 Rupee note. There are several amazing architectural wonders of the Vithala temple but the most popular are its pillars which once tapped delicately make musical chimes. Another famous temple, Virupaksha temple is an abode to Lord Virupaksha and several other Hindu deities. The temple has tall gopuram acting as a gateway to main sanctums.

Lotus TempleThe Virupaksha and Vithala temple is established on the opposite side along with the Tungabhadra River. One can take the coracle ride to cross the river during monsoon and normally when the water level is low it can be crossed by foot. There are several other structures also which one can enjoy such as- Underground Siva Temple, King Balance near Vithala temple, Sasivekalu Ganesha near Virupaksha temple, Lotus Temple and many more. Hampi is also known as the city of boulders, which adds the beauty to the landscape of Hampi. The terrain of Hampi provides the spectacular view with lots of mysterious feels.

Sasivekalu GaneshaYou will find Hampi as a city with slow life, when you will get on the roads of Hampi you will see same faces or people sitting and gossiping, though it is a morning or evening. As you will reach closer to Hampi archaeological site you will get a view with immense greenery all around. An awe-inspiring farming of coconut and banana will make your trip more wonderful. To enjoy the beauty of the old monuments of Hampi try spending some time by sitting on any place and lets your hair talks with soothing winds, and lets your eye catch the spectacular view of the lush green field with the abandoned structures.

The city did not have good restaurants or lodging nearby the ruin area but you will find them at outskirt since in the vicinity of the archaeological site no construction is allowed. The best way to explore the city is by bike or bicycle, which you will get easily on rent. It’s good if you hire a guide to explore the magnificent creation of Vijayanagara empire.

Best time to visit the city is during monsoon or winters, carry a water bottle with you as you might feel thirsty and tired while exploring the temples. To explore more about the places to visit near Hyderabad check Fotolaa.

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