Reasons to travel for Holi celebration in India

Reasons to travel for Holi celebration in India

Holi is one of the most famous festivals in India where people of all generations play with colored powders and water by throwing it on each other faces. Holi festival is a sign of victory of Good over Evil and it is celebrated in India with lots of fervor. Most of the western countries have copied the India style of Holi celebration and they have also enjoyed this delightful festival every year in their country.

So now let us tell you some reasons why one should travel for Holi celebration In India. So here is a list of top 10 reasons to travel for Holi celebration in India.

#1 Add vibrant color to a black & white world

Holi is the festival of colors and it is a celebration of colors and love. Play Holi in India with your friends, family, and loved ones share your love in the form of colors with them. Share sweets with each other and make new friends. Throw colors on each other faces and greets them with long live wishes. Visit India during Holi celebration and fill colors of love in your life.

#2 Learn about Indian culture and traditions

Holi in different regions of India is celebrated in their own ways based on their culture and traditions. So, celebrate this Holi with these different kinds of ways and know about their culture and traditions.

#3 Lose yourself and find your inner child

During Holi celebration in India, everyone of any generation feels like a child and enjoy the amazing celebration of Holi festival. You can also bring out your inner child while playing Holi in India. Throw colors on each other, run in the streets, dance on the roads and do everything that a kid does when he feels happy in his own.

Holi celebration in India

#4 Be a part of amazing Holi parties in India

If you will visit India during Holi festival then you can also be a part of the amazing Holi parties of India. Holi parties are mostly organized in Mumbai, Delhi, and Goa where, drenching in colors, dancing on floors, and singing is the most famous activities to enjoy this delightful festival.

#5 Celebrate the arrival of the spring season and new beginnings

Holi festival is celebrated to welcome the spring season in India and in some regions, it is celebrated as the new year. People started celebrating the spring season and start a new chapter of their lives. They say Bye to the winters and prepares for the springs. You can also see ladies wearing yellow shaffron clothes, dancing, and singing on the streets.

#6 Commemorate love, passion, and unity

Express your love during Holi celebration in India. Be a part of different types of Holi celebrations, make new friends, forget everything and drench into the different colors of Holi. lose your energy and get the dance floor with your friends.

#7 Enjoy the traditional Holi foods

It is impossible to celebrate any festival without eating some special foods. Visit During Holi and enjoy some delicious such as Gujiya, Sweet Rises, Jalebi, Sohan Papdi, Thandai, Bhang and much more that will make your mouth watery.

Holi celebration in India

#8 Be a part of different types of Holi celebrations

There are many types of Holi celebrated in India so you have a chance to be a part of these celebrations. Some major types of Holi are:

● Lathmaar Holi: where ladies beats their men with lathis (a long wood stick) in a playfully way
● Khadi Holi: where people wear their traditional white clothes and move around the streets by dancing and singing
● Hola Mohalla: mostly celebrated in Punjab where Sikhs show their martial art skills
●Basant Utsav: Basant Utsav is celebrated in West Bengal where ladies moved out to the streets, dance and sings in the traditional ways.

#9 create new memories with your loved ones

Holi is a celebration of love, forget, & forgiveness and it builds so many new relationships every year. Bring your loved ones during the Holi festival in India, express your love towards them, take blessings of elders, make new friends, and drench in Holi colors together.

#10 Play all day with colors

Holi festival is a full day celebration of colors so, play Holi all day with colored powders by throwing it on each other’s faces. Throw colored water balloons on your buddies and greets them in funny ways. Now lastly at the end of the day, take a super enjoying bath and remind those funny moments that you have spent with your friends.

So these are some interesting reasons to tell why one should travel for Holi celebration in India. If you want to know more about the Holi festival in India then you can ask it by commenting in the comment section below.

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