Kinnaur Road Trip – A Complete Guide

Kheer Ganga Trek, Himachal Pradesh

The Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh becomes a famous place year by year for tourists. Because beautiful Kinnaur places and eye-catching scenery attract the travelers like magnets. You can visit Kinnaur valley any month of the year. But the temperature falls to zero or below in winter i.e from November to February with snowfall. In winter you can also plan a trip if the roads are open with safety, but it is somewhat risky. Kinnaur valley is famous for apples and orchards which are so pleasant. During traveling you can experience different and attractive cultures with the beauty of Himalayan ranges. Let’s began our Kinnaur road trip from Shimla.

Let’s Start Journey :

Kinnaur is about 230 km from Shimla. Visit Shimla to Kinnaur route is a good option because the roads are in good condition. Himachal all routes are risky as one side of the road is covered with high mountains and one side has a deep valley. So if you travel by your own car then drive safely. As you travel to Shimla route in between you can also cover Manali, Chandighar, and then reach Shimla. So that two more most beautiful places are visited during your Kinnaur Road Trip.

As you start traveling you feel colder than Shimla because Kinnaur is at a high altitude. The summer climate of Kinnaur is also cool. When you visit in winter you can enjoy the snow and snowfall also. Lots of travels come to play with snow which makes their trip successful. The adventurous roads of Kinnaur give you feeling like deadly roadshows on TV. During traveling check the fuel tank it must be fuel if you go to Kinnaur valley in winter. And regular day there not issues regarding fuel. You can see the beauty of small villages and Kinnauri people nature which attracts you most. As they are still following and protect their old culture by heart in this new world. The pleasing low ground near a river is covered with thick dense woods. That keeps photographers busy because of its eye-catching scenery.

The most charming places to visit during these Kinnaur road trips are Sangla, Chitkul, Kalpa and small villages stop that in the road. The Chitkul and Sangla are part of Baspa valley. One of the last and beautiful villages of India is Chitkul. These Prime places of Kinnaur valley are worth your trip. And in winter it just makes an awesome experience to visit Himachal Pradesh. Tibetan border close to Kinnaur valley mountains, that increase the flow of travelers to enhance their beauty.

Day 1: Arrive At Shimla

Shimla Himachal Pradesh

Once you arrive at Shimla the capital city of Himachal visits the famous ridge, Jakhu temple, mall road. Overnight stay at hotel.

Day 2: Journey To Kalpa And On Route Sightseeing

After breakfast let’s heads to one of the beautiful places of Kinnaur valley is Kalpa. In between, you can visit the Bhimakali famous temple at Sarahan. And after some km drive, you enter to Kinnaur valley region to arrive at Kalpa. Once you reach Kalpa you will get an amazing chance to stay in the deodar forest which is the dream of some travelers. Stay at Kalpa. 

Day 3: Visit Kalpa Sightseeing

Temples in Shimla

In the early morning take breakfast and let’s go see the Kinner Kailash mountain sun rising. After that let’s explore the beautiful and charming places of Kalpa. Chandika Devi temple, suicide point, enjoy the hike to the small village of Kalpa. Again go to see the sunset of the Kinner Kailash mountains. Go around and discover Kalpa and overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 4: Kalpa To Sangla

Rivers in Shimla

After breakfast leave for another place of Kinnaur Sangla or Baspa valley. Enjoy the beautiful road of Kinnaur valley. After the breathtaking drive finally you reach Sangla. As Sangla is a big town you can easily get hotels. Check-in at the hotel and relax sometimes. You can take the advantage of Sangla’s famous apples and dry fruits and do visit the local market. As the Sangla is one of the popular towns of Kinnaur. Stay at the hotel.

Day 5: Travel Rakcham To Chitkul

After having a yummy breakfast leave to Chitkul. In between visiting the Rakcham village which is 3000 meters high from sea level. And charming and delightful scenery of mountains and Baspa river will attract you to spend more and more time by capturing pictures and enjoying nature. Then departure to the Chitkul the next most beautiful place of Kinnaur valley. The route of Chitkul is full of beauty with amazing views which stop you to take a lot of pictures. After the long drive reaches your destination. Overnight stay at Chitkul hotel.

Day 6: Chitkul Last Village Of India

Devtrees in Shimla

Chitkul is located at the Indo Tibet border which is the last village of India. It is part of Baspa valley. Enjoy the clear water of the Baspa river spend some time at the shore. Take advantage of the interesting and appealing view of Chitkul Kinnauri ranges which are the tallest point of Himachal. Explore some night views of Chtkul and then back to the hotel.

Day 7: Journey to home

Way to Shimla, Shimla Road Trip

With a heavy heart let’s start the journey back to sweet home. If you have more days from your busy schedule you can travel to Spiti valley. Which is also called a cold desert mountain. From Kinnaur valley, it required less time to visit Spiti valley.

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