10 Unexplored Offbeat Places in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh Sightseeing

The lower foothills of the Himalayas have been a hotbed of vacation-centric exploration since colonial times. The scenic valleys and the beautiful hilly terrain complemented with the Himachali and Garhwali people’s warm hospitality has always drawn large crowds from the other ramparts of the subcontinent and the world over. However, since much of the area has been explored, and there remains little to see due to the concrete jungle and the intensive urbanization, so the tourist population has gradually declined to the state. However, the state has much to offer than the well known and relatively clichéd Kullu, Manali, or Simla destination. 

If you too wish to veer off the beaten path and traverse the relatively unexplored ramparts of this beautiful hill state in your Shimla Manali Tour Package, follow the following list –

  1. Kalpa

In the remote village of the Kinnaur district, lush pine nut forests and breathtaking scenery await you. The various snow-covered peaks in Kalpa can give you the change of scene you so desperately wanted. If that is not enough, maybe the apple orchards around the area will do it!

  • Sangla

Sangla Valley is another beautiful Rivershore hill station placed beautifully along the River Baspa. This charming and reclusive town is nestled among the hills and sweetly caressed by clouds. Notable places to visit include Sapni, Rackchham, Kilba, and Kamru Fort.

  • Barog

Barog is situated on the Kalka-Simla highway and is a valley town in the beautiful Solang valley district of Himachal Pradesh. This quaint village offers a breathtaking view of Churdhar Peak and slowly becomes a corporate destination.

  • Barot

Sure the name might sound phonetically similar to its other homonym counterpart -Barog, but this snowcapped little village is nothing like you have ever seen. Carefully traversing through the snow-covered and hilly terrain of the Mandi district, you will find this quiet and sleepy town that boasts of several fishing farms and trekking trails.

  • Chindi

While coming down from the mandi district on the Shimla-Mandi highway, be sure to visit Chindi. This village lies in the Karsog valley and is home to many sacred temples such as Mahunag Temple and is dotted with apple plantations and pine forests.

  • Churdhar

Churdhar translates into “dressed in Moonlight” and probably gives you a beautiful idea of the best time you should see it. The mountains around Churdhar appear beautiful when basking in the moonlight and a Shiva temple atop gives you the perfect bird’s eye view of the entire town.

  • Chitkul

Chitkul is another beautiful hamlet in the Kinnaur district alongside River Baspa and lies across the Indo-Tibetan border. This is the last inhabited village and the last point along the Indian border that can be visited without a permit.

  • Malana

Malana is a dreamy little town in Kullu, whose inhabitants believe themselves to be the direct descendants of Alexander the Great. The place has its administrative laws and practices emulating the early Greek system.

  • Thanedar

Beautifully nestled between the Apple and Cherry orchards, this place is unparalleled bliss for all nature lovers. Apart from unnumerable orchards and nature trails, there are some amazing temples and tourist places you can look up.

  1. Shoja

About 5 Km before Jalori pass, along the route that connects Kully to Shimla, lies Shoja. The place is still not touched by commercialization and offers a spectacular view of mountains, lakes, and picture-perfect sunsets.


Part of exploring the Himachal state lies in taking time off and peering down the map to visit some amazing hillside towns and dreamy villages. Unblemished by the commercial jungle, they still retain the essence of the real Himachal.

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