Top 5 Romantic Places in Germany

Germany - Beach bar (North in St. Peter Ording)

Make a journey to the most secluded spots and dreamy corners in Germany. Romantic places such as castles, castles, waters, natural sites and very special spots we have put together for you as destinations.

From the restaurant directly above the roaring North Sea, over the sparkling lights of fireworks over the Rhine to a boat trip through the Spree Wald in the setting sun, we have found places for you, where the air crackles with excitement. Discover places that were often still an insider tip. Impeccable beauty of the landscape, historical traditions or illuminations – various aspects can reach the heart of the romantic. Find your absolute favourite place and be inspired by our list.

1. Beach bar (North in St. Peter Ording)

Very high in the north – there it is not overcooled, but it can become really romantic. The beach bar is a perfect place to snuggle up to its treasure during a romantic sunset.

You are sitting in the middle of the sea, underneath you are the waves, but you are not in any boat or ship. The beach bar 54 ° North is a stilt house in St. Peter Ording and offers with its exclusive location a unique experience to experience the tides of the sea directly below. On the more than 100-year-old pile dwelling, which offers a breath-taking view from afar, stands a house that is unique in this form. Enjoy this romantic place and sit in good weather on the terrace, take over the rough lake in love with the arm and look out over the vastness of the North Sea. Also in the restaurant there are secluded spots, from which you can see, for example, kite surfers fighting with wind and waves. Staying in one of the most beautiful holiday resorts can be the climax for lovers here.

2. Romantic Walk on the Philosopher’s Path (Heidelberg)Germany Romantic Places

An incomparable view of one of the most beautiful cities in Germany – that is the reward, if you make your way to this romantic place to Heidelberg.

It must be the philosopher’s path, not on any way. Here romanticism even has a historical background. The mountain path with its infinitely beautiful vantage points was already used by the students in the 18th century for romantic walks, one or the other powerhouse powers and therefore has its name. Along the Philosophers’ Path you will find a panoramic view over the river Neckar with its Old Bridge and the enchanting castle as well as numerous possibilities for a romantic stop. Many benches on the viewing platforms invite you to cuddle. Choose the route out of the city, over the mighty river and walk to the Philosophengärtchen. Here you can even find poems of the most famous son of the city. Liebes verses are engraved in the bust of the poet Joseph von Eichendorff.

3. Autokino (Frankfurt)

Snogging and cuddling in the back seat in the drive-in cinema. You think this time for romantics has expired long ago?

Not even close. In Frankfurt Gravenbruch, there is a romantic place where you can still feel the good, old, “American style.” Listen to the movie sound on your car radio and look at a mega-screen. The oldest car cinema in Europe offers the special Charm If you want to keep things nice and warm, the operator will not only give you the newest stripes in the film industry, but there is also a fan heater in Graven Bruch, where you can enjoy all the advantages of a typical car cinema, where you can be entertained and entertained Of course, you also want something more … You’ve always wanted to lie casually on the bonnet of your car like in a Hollywood strip of yesteryear and look your darling in the eye – then you’re in the right place at this romantic place. Especially recommended is the visit in the late evening or at night. Then here comes the right mood.

Top 5 Romantic Places in Germany4. Meersburg on Lake Constance (Baden Wuerttember)

Extremely beautiful it is on Lake Constance literally, because at this romantic place, many traditions and fairy tales entwine around the great natural idyll.

Eerily beautiful you can learn from the monster of the deep or from the old hermit who could walk across the water. What is more romantic than listening to such legends right where they should have happened? In Meersburg you will find several such places. Stroll through the most beautiful place on Lake Constance; enjoy the beach promenade, the charming streets in the old town and the new romantic castle with its fairy-tale staircases. In the small chapel next to it will be even cuddly. Ornaments and murals make couples happy to dream. The highlight of the visit to Meersburg should be for couples visiting the old castle. It is still inhabited today and provides, among other things, a look into the treasury of yesteryear and the scary dungeon with a torture chamber.

5. Neureuther Alm (Tegernsee)

A hut; high up in the mountains – for many the epitome of romantic places. Cuddle up with your sweetheart in fluffy duvets and enjoy the time for two!

At 1264 meters above sea level, there is such a place in the Bavarian Alps, from which you can enjoy the panorama of the high mountains and enjoy a unique view of the Tegernsee – the Neureuther Alm. Climb into your hiking boots and share the most romantic Rise of the country with each other. After the one-and-a-half hour tour, which you can comfortably create, sit in the famous guest house with the exclusive location on the sun terrace and enjoy the enchanting flower garden, which has created the lovely operator couple here. The fresh mountain air will whet your appetite for the typical Bavarian cuisine. Let yourself be served in a cosy spot. You will not find such a place often. Romantic moments arise almost inevitably at the imposing beauty in the middle of the Alps. If you want to go further up the hill and maybe even have a peck on one of the highest viewing platforms, you can continue to scrape for half an hour to reach the Gindelalm.


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