7 Best Things To Do in France Within a Week

7 Best Things to do in France within a Week

France, known as the city of lights, is one of the most famous countries in the world which are favoured by tourists. As every traveller has its own expectations from the place, France satiates every kind of traveller from an explorer to a complete foodie.

Here you can wander and plan to roam in the medieval castles and churches, dine on some of the best food, sip some of the best wine and lose yourself in one of the most beautiful scenery ever.

France being one of the top picks for a world-class international stay cannot be covered even in a month but somehow restricts to a week for some. In any case, don’t limit your chances and plan a week full of excitement and fun. But keep in mind that the visa policies for the countries keep changing and it is advisable to go through a Comprehensive guide to Visa and Immigration policies to avoid any unforeseen circumstances while travelling to a country.

The following are seven things that tourists can do in France within the duration of seven days:

1. Visit the Eiffel Tower

Having landed in the city of Paris, the first destination that you can visit is the Eiffel Tower. You can choose to get a light pick-me-up breakfast on the way or enjoy it in one of the cafes around the monument.

2. Louvre


To explore the artist in you, a visit to the Louvre is one of the best things you can do. Get there early to beat the lines and the crowd. People come to visit the Mona Lisa which is the most extraordinary and famous piece of art that is in Louvre. The other famous paintings one must see are The Virgin of the Rock, Saint John the Baptist and La Belle Ferronniere, all of which were created by the famous polymath Leonardo da Vinci. There are many other art pieces, paintings, and sculptures, to keep the fans of the Renaissance satisfied.

3. Trip to Versailles

For this destination, one must leave the capital city of Paris and travel to the well-known town of Versailles. The town is famous for being the domain of the queen who inspired people to revolt against the monarchy and started the infamous French Revolution, Marie Antoinette. One can visit the palace and go through the well-known attractions; Grands and Petits Apartments, Hall of Mirrors, Opera Royal and the many gardens which the city is famous for.

4. Rouen, Normandy

The capital city of Rouen in Normandy is one of the famous cities in France. Arrive here in the morning and go for a long stroll where you can stop by one of the cafes to try their delicious crepes and pastries. Some of the historical sites in the city frequented by tourists are the Stand at du Vieux-Marche, the site of Joan of Arc’s execution in 1431. The city has some famous churches like the Eglise St-Maclou, famous for its Gothic Style of architecture and the Cathedrale Notre-Dame. For the art enthusiasts, there is the Claude Monet Foundation which is 60km outside of town.

5. Bayeux and Caen

Bayeux and Caen

Bayeux is a town in Normandy which is a great destination to visit for a day. Some of the famous sights in the town which would be loved by tourists are the Museum of the Battle of Normandy, the Bayeux Cathedral and the museum which contains the ‘Bayeux Tapestry, depicting the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England. Caen is another famous town in Normandy, famous for the Abbaye aux Hommes and the Chateau de Caen.

6. D-Day Beaches

D-Day is the name given to the day when the allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy to battle the forces of Hitler’s Third Reich. This was a massive movement on Allie’s part and was the beginning of the downfall of the Nazi regime. The visitors come to see the battlements and the German bunkers, dented with shell firing from the Allied ships.

7. Mont-St-Michel

Saint Michaels Mount or Mont-St-Michel, is an island commune found off the coast of Normandy, France. The mount was first created back in 966 and today is considered a heritage site. the best way to get through it is to opt for one of the English tours.


France is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich countries in the Europan continent, if not the world. Visiting it, even for a week, and immersing oneself in the art, the cuisine and the people are bound to have a life-changing effect on you. The above-stated activities will give you a well-blended concoction of what France is all about.

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