What is the Proper Budget of Umrah Tour?

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Umrah is a pilgrimage that can be planned anytime of the year. It is one of the highly recommended pilgrimages in Islam. You can choose to perform Umrah during the sacred month of Ramadan. When you do this, your Umrah becomes as significant as Hajj. Like Hajj, you can perform Umrah more than once according to your desire.

Budgeting is one of the fundamental concerns when you step outside. It is important to map out all your expenditures according to a proper plan. When you plan an important pilgrimage like Umrah, you need a detailed design. You need to choose the best Umrah packages with your travel agency. Pilgrims traveling from all around the world mostly get this opportunity once in a lifetime. Hence, it needs to cover every activity and place in the holy cities of Saudi Arabia.

  1. Map out your plan

Planning is the backbone of any travel experience. When planning Umrah, you need to understand the gravity of your tour. It is more than just a traveling experience. Umrah leads you to the path of divinity. Therefore, while planning you need to first have the niyat to perform the pilgrimage. With a pure heart you must map out the different locations you wish to visit. The most important places that need to be included in your list are as follows:

  • Al-Kabaa in Masjid-al-Haram
  • Jabal-e-Noor mountain
  • Mount Arafat
  • Jannat-al-Mualla cemetery
  • Masjid-e-Aisha
  • Battlefield of Badr
  • Prophet Muhammad’s birthplace
  • Mina city
  • Jannat-al-Baqi cemetery
  • Masjid-e-Nabvi
  • Masjid-al-Quba
  • Mount Uhud
  • Museum of Al-Madinah
  • Masjid-al-Kiblatain
  • Saleh desert

Since you have so many places on your list, to choose among them and make up your mind is extremely important. A huge part of your budget depends on your travelling missions.

  • Flight bookings

Umrah is performed by devotees all around the world. Therefore it is an international trip for most pilgrims. Fight booking and VISA arrangements are basic requirements for the trip. It is important for you to go through a proper study before booking your tickets. Hajj and Umrah special flights fly from several countries and the rush is extreme during the month of Ramadan. The faster you book your tickets the lower the cost. Hence your initial step of planning the trip needs to take this under consideration as well. Apply for your VISA beforehand so that you get enough time to book proper flights and have some flexibility while booking.

In case your travel agency arranges for your tickets and VISA you always have the chance to choose low price Umrah packages and specify the flights to your agency. This can affect your budget significantly and can help you save a lot on the overall cost.

  • Decide on the traveling specifications

Travelling is not absolutely easy as it seems to be. Especially when you’re on a trip as important as Umrah, the list of specifications increases. Some of these specifications are as follows:

  • Decide on the length of your stay: It is one of the most important factors. This would depend on your plan structure. If your body permits you to visit more destinations on a single day, it would decrease the length of your stay.
  • Who you’re traveling with: When on an Umrah trip, you can choose to travel alone or in a group. Many pilgrims choose to travel with family as well. Your budget will get affected greatly with this specification. When you travel in a group your expenditure gets divided. You can share your room and travel vehicles with other pilgrims. This can help you curtail your traveling costs. However, if you plan to travel alone it can be planned accordingly. You can carefully pick up the packages to make the most economical choice and enjoy your trip without thinking about your budget.
  • Special requirements: Each pilgrim has their own specific requirements. These requirements include health issues, eating habits, age of the individual and several other factors. You need to specific about these few aspects and mention them to your travel agents beforehand. Your budget might increase a bit with your special needs.    
  • Choose a travel agency

Choosing the most affordable travel agency for your Umrah trip needs some good amount of research. Most of the metropolitan cities with airport services have a great deal of travel agencies who are eager to help you out with the planning and designing of your Umrah pilgrimage. When you have to choose one amongst many, you have to be extremely careful and compare the budgets provided by the different services. Ask for proper details regarding the best Umrah packages offered by the service providers and request a cost cut if possible. Look for the specific services you or your family members might require and inform the agents beforehand.

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