For your information: Most of Vietnam’s territory is mountainous and accounts for 85% of which are low hills below 1,000m, while mountains above 2,000m are only about 1% of the country’s area. The most prominent one is Fansipan, the highest peak of the Indochina peninsula at 3,143m. Running 1,400m long from the Northwest to the Southeast, throughout 64 provinces and cities, almost every province has impressive mountains. Please take a look at the names of fantastic mountains in Vietnam below.

An Giang Province

Famous for “The Seven Mountains”, it is no wonder that An Giang owns spectacular mountain scenes. An Giang has

Mt Cam                                                                                   Mt Sam

Mt Co To                                                                                 Mt Sap

Mt Tuong                                                                                 Mt Dai

Mt Ket                                                                                      Mt Dai Nam Gieng

Mt Nuoc

Bac Giang Province

As a province in the Northeast region – an ancient land with outstanding wartime vestiges, Bac Giang has not only unique architectural works but also beautiful natural landscapes. Famous mountains in Vietnam in Bac Giang include:

Mt Yen Tu                                                                               Mt Huyen Dinh

Mt Ba Bo                                                                                 Mt Danh

Mt Co Tien                                                                              Mt Phuong Hoang

Mt Bo Đa                                                                                 Mt Tay Yen Tu

Mt Nham Bien

Bac Kan Province

162 km from Hanoi capital, Bac Kan in the Northeast region possesses a diverse and rich landscape of lakes, lagoons, streams, waterfalls. Not to mention the diversity of ethnic groups living with new cultures. Although Bac Kan tourism has not yet developed, it is also one of the attractive places that should not be missed. So what are some interesting mountains in Bac Kan:

Mt Lung Nham                                                            Mt Tham Phay

Mt Phia Booc                                                                           Mt Cu Don

Mt Lung Chang                                                                       Mt Phia Slieng

Mt Phja Trang                                                                         Mt Phia Nham

Mt Phja Puong                                                            Mt Hua Ma

Bac Ninh Province

When it comes to current Bac Ninh, people will think that it is a province with potential for economic development with a large number of industrial parks, but not everyone knows that Bac Ninh is also a place with beautiful landscapes. outstanding nature. The names of the mountains in Vietnam are not widely known in Bac Ninh:

Mt Thien Thai                                                                          Mt Lan Kha

Mt Kho                                                                                     Mt Phat Tich

Mt Ngoan Son                                                                         Mt Dinh

Mt Thi Cau                                                                              Mt Kim Son

Mt Dam

Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province

Surely no one is unaware of this famous beach tourist destination in the South. People often go to Vung Tau to swim, enjoy great vacations and weekends, but there are still places where people don’t know that Ba Ria – Vung Tau province still has many mountain peaks in Vietnam. With a moderate height, it helps to increase the choice of travel to this land. Those mountains are:

Mt Lon                                                                                     Mt Nho

Mt Dinh                                                                                    Mt Nua

Mt Minh Dam                                                                           Mt Chan Tien

Mt Thi Vai                                                                                Mt Dam Hung

Mt Ghenh Rai                                                                          Mt Dinh Co

Mt Chau Long                                                                         Mt Ong Trinh

Mt Chua                                                                                  Mt Hai Dang

Mt Long Hai                                                                             Mt Ky Van

Binh Dinh Province

“The land of martial arts” Binh Dinh has long owned beautiful and famous but rarely mentioned places. The harmony of heaven and earth, mountains and sea gives Binh Dinh a romantic beauty like a watercolor painting with many attractive destinations. So Binh Dinh has some attractive mountain peaks in Vietnam:

Mt Xuan Van                                                                           Mt Ba Hoa

Mt Vung Chua                                                                         Mt Ba

Mt Mot                                                                                     Mt Trieu Chau

Mt Go Dua                                                                               Mt Hon Lan

Mt Vong Phu

Binh Duong Province

Referring to Binh Duong refers to one of the leading industrial parks in the country. However, few people know that in this land that is said to be arid because of its industrialization, there are also a few names of mountains in Vietnam that bring many valuable natural experiences:

Mt Nui Cau                                                                              Mt Cua Ong

Mt Ong                                                                                    Mt Tha La

Mt Chua                                                                                  Mt Chau Thoi

Binh Thuan Province

Lagi Binh Thuan is a place that people often think of when talking about Binh Thuan. In addition to Phan Thiet, Mui Ne makes the mountains in Binh Thuan somewhat blurred in terms of tourism. In addition to the above wonderful beaches, try to experience another side of Binh Thuan tourism with mountains such as:

Mt Ta Cu                                                                                 Mt Ong

Binh Phuoc Province

Surely not many people know about Binh Phuoc province, Binh Phuoc is an attractive place with many beautiful and wild and magnificent scenes. Nature has endowed this place with beautiful and poetic waterfalls and immense green primeval forests, cashew hills, pepper hills, and rubber hills. Try exploring the following mountains in Binh Phuoc:

Mt Ba Ra                                                                                 Mt Bu Gia Map

Mt Soc Xiem

Cao Bang Province

Pac Po Cao Bang – a place associated with the history of the great President Ho Chi Minh. Cao Bang is also a prominent mountainous province in the Northeast bordering Guangxi province (China). With overlapping mountains occupying more than 90% of the area, forming 3 distinct regions: The east has many rocky mountains, the west is mountainous with rocky mountains, the southwest is mostly mountainous with dense forests. Prominent mountains in Cao Bang include:

Mt Phja Den                                                                            Mt Phja Oac

Mt Phja Da                                                                              Mt Phjeng Mon

Mt Mat Than                                                                            Mt Bao Dong

Mt Cac Mac                                                                             Mt Co Muong

Mt Phia Nham

Dak Lak Province

Referring to Dak Lak is referring to the fascinating Central Highlands of Vietnam. If the North has the majestic Northeast and Northwest, between the South and Central is the vast Central Highlands with interesting natural and cultural experiences. Dak Lak is a mountainous province imbued with the Central Highlands, possessing waterfalls and mountain ranges in Vietnam that are extremely attractive to those who are passionate about immersing themselves in the mountains. The mountains here are named very “strange”:

Mt Chu Yang Sin                                                                     Mt Yang Tao

Mt Yok Don                                                                             Mt Reheng

Mt Yang Gri                                                                             Mt Yario

Mt Boyan                                                                                 Mt Cu Mta

Dien Bien Province

Bringing in the intangible cultural potential, 21 ethnic groups living together with very diverse cultural nuances, plus rich natural tourism resources, Dien Bien today is a tourist destination. The tour is suitable for many different age groups. Mountains worth visiting in Dien Bien:

Mt Khoan La San                                                                    Mt Hua Ta

Mt Pu Hong Cay

Da Nang City

The South has Saigon, the North has Hanoi, the Central has Da Nang – these are the three largest cities in the country in all respects. However, if we talk about natural tourism resources, namely mountains and forests, Saigon and Hanoi cannot possess as much as Da Nang. Da Nang is an extremely famous tourist destination because it is both a big city and possesses diverse sea and mountains, not only that, one of the main mountain ranges in Vietnam is also in Da Nang:

Mt Than Tai                                                                             Mt Son Tra

Mt Kim Son                                                                             Mt Moc Son

Mt Tho Son                                                                             Mt Thuy Son

Mt Hoa Son                                                                             Mt Hai Van

Mt Non Nuoc                                                                           Mt Ba Na

Mt Bach Ma                                                                             Mt Ban Co

Dak Nong Province

Although it is not an area promoting tourism, Dak Nong still has its own characteristics to attract people to come. Dak Nong is also a cultural exchange achievement because it gathers more than 40 ethnic groups. With a mild year-round climate, steep hilly terrain creating majestic waterfalls, mountains, especially volcanoes in Vietnam, this place will definitely not disappoint you:

Mt Nam Nung                                                                          Mt Ta Dung

Mt Nui lua Nom Blang (Chu R’luh)                                          Mt Nui lua Nam Dong

Mt Nui lua Bang Mo (Ea Tling)                                                Mt Cum nui lua Nom Kar

Mt Nui lua Nom Gle (Thuan An)

Dong Nai Province

For those who live in Saigon, choosing Da Lat, Phan Thiet, or Vung Tau to travel is quite common, and the special thing is that no matter which of the three points above is chosen, the route must go through Dong Nai. However, few people know that Dong Nai also possesses wonderful natural scenes. It can be said that Dong Nai is also a very interesting natural experience tourist destination that is close to Saigon but often goes unnoticed. Following is a list of mountains in Vietnam in Dong Nai that you should visit:

Mt Chua Chan                                                                         Mt Buu Long

Mt Chau Thoi                                                                          Mt Binh Dien

Mt Long An                                                                              Mt Ba Chong

Mt Do                                                                                      Mt Hon Dia

Mt Bach Tuong

Gia Lai Province

Of the very attractive places, only Gia Lai retains the most rustic and wild features of the mountains and forests. The reason this place is called Nui Pho is because the city is located in the mountains, a modern land magnified. mineral but still has a wild feature of the mountains that is hard to feel anywhere else. The volcanoes in Vietnam and the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands in Gia Lai:

Mt Nui Lua Chu Dang Ya                                                        Mt Chu Se

Mt Ham Rong                                                                          Mt Chu Ho Rong

Hai Phong Province

Hai Phong is the largest port city in the North, everyone must think of the sea first, right? But in fact, in addition to the attractive sea and bay, the mountains and hills in Hai Phong are not inferior. Hai Phong owns:

Mt Voi                                                                                      Mt Phuong Hoàng

Mt Rua                                                                                    Mt Ho Phuc

Mt Linh Son

Ha Giang Province

If you are passionate about nature, it is impossible not to know Ha Giang – one of the most beautiful tourist lands with many nuances in the Northwest region. Terraced fields, winding passes. Flower fields, mountainous ethnic villages, diverse cultures, rolling hills, etc. All blend together to create a very attractive and charming Ha Giang. Famous mountain peaks in Vietnam in Ha Giang:

Mt Tay Con Linh                                                                      Mt Kieu Lieu Ti

Mt Chieu Lau Thi                                                                     Mt Quang Ba

Mt Cam Son                                                                            Mt Pu Ta Kha

Mt Co Tien                                                                              Mt Cong Troi

Mt Tam Son                                                                            Mt Hem vuc Tu San

Hai Duong Province

Has anyone ever been fascinated by the scenery of the red maple forest? Surely many people think that such scenery is only available in foreign countries, but in fact, in Vietnam, there is a place that owns the scenery like in that picture. In addition, Hai Duong is also a cultural and spiritual center of the North with many of the best historical sites in Vietnam still being preserved. The mountains in Hai Duong include:

Mt Con Son                                                                             Mt Rong

Mt Bac Dau                                                                             Mt Nam Tao

Mt Tam Ban                                                                            Mt Phuong Hoang

Mt Duong Nham                                                                      Mt Yen Tu

Mt An Phu                                                                               Mt Yen Thu

Mt Ky Lan

Ha Tinh Province

Ha Tinh is currently not a famous place that many people come to experience. Not only possessing charming landscapes, Ha Tinh is also known as the cradle of the masterpiece of the land. The East borders the sea, the West borders the legendary Truong Son mountain range, the terrain in Ha Tinh becomes more diverse than ever from mountainous areas to the sea. Ha Tinh owns many names of mountains in Vietnam you should try to experience:

Mt Rao Co                                                                               Mt Hong Linh

Mt Nam Gioi                                                                            Mt Thien Cam

Mt Dau Voi                                                                              Mt Cum Nay

Mt Cum Con                                                                            Mt Linh Cam

Mt Long Ngam                                                            Mt Huong Tich

Mt Hoanh Son                                                                         Mt Mong Ga

Mt Quan Hoi                                                                            Mt Gia

Mt Ho Sen                                                                               Mt Canh Dieu

Mt Minh Tu                                                                              Mt Giang Man

Mt Bang Son                                                                           Mt Ngang

Mt Am Tien

Ha Noi City

Hanoi is the capital – the center of the whole North, Hanoi always carries with it the attractive beauty of long-standing cultural and historical sites and romantic destinations. However, Hanoi also possesses beautiful natural scenes right in this land, contributing to making Hanoi tourism even more diverse. Located in the impressive map of mountain ranges in Vietnam, in Hanoi there are:

Mt Ham Lon                                                                            Mt Ba Vi

Mt Tram                                                                                   Mt Sai

Mt Tien Lu                                                                               Mt Sai Son

Mt Soc                                                                                     Mt Thanh Tuoc

Mt Cau Lau                                                                             Mt Loi Am Nua

Mt Huong Son                                                                         Mt Tam Dao

Mt Sai                                                                                      Mt Tu Tram

Mt Sua                                                                                     Mt Nung

Mt Khan                                                                                   Mt Tan Vien

Mt Ba                                                                                       Mt Nuong Ngai

Mt Doc Ton                                                                             Mt Ho Bau

Ha Nam Province

Surely everyone knows about the story of “Chi Pheo”, right? In Ha Nam, the 100-year-old house of Ba Kien, the real character described by the late writer Nam Cao in the work “Chi Pheo” is now a prominent sightseeing spot in Ha Nam. With a pleasant climate, nature favors. Ha Nam is not only famous for its long-standing culture, charming scenery, and historical sites, but also famous for its pristine landscapes. So what mountains does Ha Nam have?

Mt Doi                                                                                      Mt Ngoc

Mt Cam                                                                                   Mt Chua

Mt Tuong Linh                                                                         Mt Cuon Son

Mt Ha Nam – Ha Tay                                                              Mt Bat Canh Son

Mt Hai Qua

Hoa Binh Province

Hoa Binh is a province located in the northwest of Vietnam, about 60km from Hanoi capital, is a short-term tourist destination chosen by many people. It is considered as the cradle of Muong culture, possessing many wild and mysterious mountain places that are still very poetic to explore. Hoa Binh owns a mountain that challenges you:

Mt Nang Tien                                                                          Mt Pu Kha

Mt Vien Nam                                                                           Mt Pu Canh

Mt Pai Day                                                                              Mt Dau Rong

Mt Trau                                                                                    Mt Po

Mt Tien                                                                                    Mt Ba

Mt Vua                                                                                     Mt Mo

Mt Chua                                                                                  Mt Tung Se

Mt Pu Van                                                                               Mt Huong Son Chua Huong

Kien Giang Province

Kien Giang is the province with the largest natural tourism resources in the Southwest region. Phu Quoc, Ha Tien, Nam Du island, all three are in Kien Giang province. In addition to the islands and islands, U Minh Thuong National Park, Kien Giang also has very prominent mountains in Vietnam:

Mt Ma Thien Lanh                                                                   Mt Mo So

Mt Kien Luong                                                                         Mt Son Tra

Mt May                                                                                    Mt Binh An

Mt Hon Soc                                                                             Mt Bai Voi

Mt Cay Xoài                                                                            Mt Khoe La

Mt Hang Cay Ot                                                                      Mt Tuc Khoi

Mt Com                                                                                   Mt Trau

Mt Hon Heo                                                                             Mt Tu Chau

Mt Da Dung                                                                             Mt Binh San

Mt Thach Dong                                                                       Mt Chua

Mt Ham Ninh                                                                           Mt Den

Mt Hai Son

Kon Tum Province

Another mountainous province belonging to the wild Central Highlands, Kon Tum stands out as the only province farthest to the North bordering Laos and Cambodia, so Kon Tum is also known as the Indochina confluence. Associated with the cultural characteristics of gongs in the Central Highlands and the villages of the Ba Na, Xe Dang, Gie Trieng ethnic groups, Kon Tum promises to bring those who visit an indescribable and unforgettable feeling. Because it is a mountainous area, the following mountain ranges in Vietnam promise to be extremely impressive:

Mt Ngoc Linh                                                                           Mt Muong Hoong

Mt Ngok Phan                                                                         Mt Ngok Lum Heo

Mt Ngok Krinh                                                                         Mt Ngoc Tem

Mt Ngoc Roo                                                                           Mt Bon San

Mt Chumomray                                                                       Mt Ngoc Rinh Rua

Mt Pon Dak Rac

Khanh Hoa Province

The coastal city of Nha Trang is a very familiar name located in the territory of Khanh Hoa province. As a coastal province in the South Central Coast, with nearly 200 large and small coastal islands and over 100 islands and reefs in the Truong Sa archipelago, Khanh Hoa has a coastline of 385km. If you pay too much attention to the beautiful islands and beaches, you will miss the mountains that are equally worthy and deserve to be experienced besides the outstanding places of Khanh Hoa province:

Mt Cu Tien                                                                              Mt San

Mt Cu Hin                                                                                Mt Giong Huong

Mt Chin Khuc                                                                          Mt Nui Chut

Mt Canh Long                                                                         Mt Dai Lanh

Mt Dong Co                                                                             Mt Co Ma

Mt Phu My                                                                               Mt To Hà

Mt Xa                                                                                       Mt Doc Mo

Mt Hoc Chim                                                                           Mt Tam Phong

Lai Chau Province

Going back to the Northwest, we come to Lai Chau – a land that owns many beautiful landscapes that few people know, although it has hidden beauty for tourism development. To many people, Lai Chau seems to be just a poor northern mountainous province, but for those who are passionate about mountains and forests, it is impossible to ignore the highest mountains in Vietnam in this wonderful Lai Chau:

Mt Putaleng                                                                             Mt Pu Si Lung

Mt Khang Su Van                                                                    Mt Ta Lien Son       

Mt Nam Kang Ho Tao                                                             Mt Phu Tra

Mt Bach Moc Luong Tu                                                           Mt Bach Moc Luong

Mt Fansipan                                                                            Mt Pu Sam Cap

Mt Phu Nho Kho                                                                      Mt Do O

Lam Dong Province

Lam Dong has many interesting natural landscapes, famous for lakes, waterfalls, pine forests, architectural works of high cultural and artistic value, so Lam Dong has conditions to develop and diversify types. travel. In addition to Da Lat, Lam Dong has many main mountain ranges in Vietnam that are worth your time to experience, among them are mountains such as:

Mt Langbiang                                                                          Mt Bidoup

Mt Pinhatt                                                                                Mt Dai Binh

Mt B’Try                                                                                   Mt Yang Bong

Mt Dan Se Na                                                                         Mt Hon

Mt Giaocao                                                                              Mt Voi

Mt Ta In                                                                                   Mt Hon Bo

Lang Son Province

Lang Son tourism has long been known as a major shopping center bordering China. But for many nature lovers, mentioning Lang Son is referring to Mau Son – a place where snow and ice often appear in recent years. However, Lang Son has many other great mountain ranges in Vietnam as attractive as Mau Son:

Mt Mau Son                                                                             Mt Phia Po     

Mt Phat Chi                                                                             Mt Kai Kinh

Mt Bao Dai                                                                              Mt Mat Quy

Mt To Thi                                                                                 Mt Na Pa

Mt Na Lay

Lao Cai Province

Rooftop of Indochina – Fansipan Peak in Lao Cai province is a place that no mountain lover is unaware of. It is also the locality that owns the highest mountains in Vietnam, attractive and extremely ideal with mountainous areas such as Sa Pa, Bac Ha, Y Ty… Lao Cai attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, not to mention the Who is passionate about Hiking, Trekking. The mountains that promise to challenge climbers in Lao Cai are:

Mt Fansipan                                                                            Mt Ky Quan San

Mt Nhiu Cu San                                                                       Mt Lao Than

Mt Ham Rong                                                                          Mt Ba Me Con

Mt Phu Gia Lan                                                                       Mt Nhac Son

Mt Ngu Chi Son                                                                       Mt Pu Luong

Mt Lung Cung                                                                         Mt Sa Phinh

Mt Ta Cu Ty                                                                            Mt Quan Than San

Mt Lau Thi Ngai

Ninh Binh Province

Famous as the land of the ancient capital, Ninh Binh is known as a “miniature Vietnam” with a full range of terrain from limestone mountains in Vietnam, plains to coastal areas. That is enough to describe the charming and magnificent beauty of Ninh Binh’s nature. Occupying ¾ of the area is mountainous, nature has endowed this land with many interesting landscapes, famous caves, and mountains with spectacular scenery:

Mt Ky Lan                                                                                Mt Non Nuoc

Mt Ngoc My Nhan                                                                   Mt Canh Dieu

Mt Tam Diep                                                                           Mt Tuong

Mt Trang An                                                                            Mt Mua

Mt Meo Cao                                                                            Mt Mam Xoi

Mt Hom Sach                                                                          Mt Da Ban

Mt Nghien                                                                                Mt Mo Coi

Mt Co Tien                                                                              Mt Bai Dinh

Mt Ba Doi                                                                                Mt Coc

Mt Mang                                                                                  Mt Vang

Mt Thien Duong                                                                      Mt Coi Linh

Mt Mo

Ninh Thuan Province

Famous as a land of sunshine and wind, not too many tourists come here to relax, but in fact Ninh Thuan is a place for discovery. Because when coming to this land, you will be overwhelmed by tourist attractions with many advantages such as: 105 km long coastline, many deep sea areas, many foothills crashing into the sea to create coves, bays, etc. beautiful dunes, and the recently famous Vinh Hy Bay is one of them. Besides, the list of mountains in Vietnam not to be missed in Ninh Thuan:

Mt Nui Chua                                                                            Mt Truong Son

Mt Trau                                                                                    Mt Khong Ten

Mt Da Chong                                                                           Mt Xanh

Mt Ta Nang

Nghe An Province

Nghe An, a sunny and windy land in the Central region, is not a name that many people think of when planning a trip. Therefore, Nghe An is still a land with strong tourism potential waiting to be discovered. In addition to the sea, Nghe An also owns countless large and small mountains that promise not to disappoint you:

Mt Phu Xai Lai Leng                                                                Mt Pulaileng

Mt Chung                                                                                Mt Quyet

Mt Hong                                                                                  Mt Lam Thanh

Mt Dai Hue                                                                              Mt Gam

Mt Dung Quyet                                                                        Mt Meo

Mt Mo Da                                                                                Mt Dong Tranh

Mt Xuoc                                                                                   Mt Pha En

Mt Pu Mat

Phu Tho Province

Phu Tho is known as the cradle of Lac Viet culture, through thousands of years of history, this place still retains the imprint of the early dawn of nation building and it is understandable that Phu Tho is very famous. Famous for spiritual tourism, cultural experiences. Besides, the mountains are not only a spiritual tourist destination, but there are also unspoiled mountains that challenge people to conquer:

Mt Hung                                                                                  Mt Doi Den

Mt Lon                                                                                     Mt Tan Vien

Mt Nghia Linh                                                                          Mt Luoi Hai

Mt Van                                                                                     Mt Na

Mt Giac                                                                                    Mt Ten

Mt Can                                                                                    Mt Tham

Mt Den                                                                                    Mt Sim

Mt Hem

Phu Yen Province

The land of “yellow flowers and green grass” Phu Yen is becoming an “extremely hot” destination recently with its impressive peaceful and poetic natural scenery. In addition to the outstanding attractions mentioned in the movie “I see yellow flowers on green grass”, Phu Yen also owns countless mountain peaks in Vietnam that captivate people’s hearts.

Mt Chop Chai                                                                          Mt Ong

Mt Da Den                                                                               Mt Deo Ca 

Mt Hon Ba                                                                               Mt Nhan

Mt Dai Lanh                                                                             Mt Da Bien

Quang Binh Province

The pride of Vietnam – Hang Son Doong is known as the largest cave in the world so far discovered, along with Phong Nha – Ke Bang and many other caves, has created a reputation for Quang Binh. Quang Binh is a province in central Vietnam that is endowed with extremely valuable natural resources with a system of majestic pristine limestone caves and rich flora and fauna. The mountain ranges in Vietnam in Quang Binh are less than caves but still ensure great experiences:

Mt Ke Bang                                                                             Mt U Bo

Mt An Ma                                                                                 Mt Hoanh Son

Mt Deo Ngang

Quang Ngai Province

Quang Ngai is a coastal province in the South Central Coast, with a rather harsh climate. Certainly when it comes to Quang Ngai tourism, not many people can list the names of impressive places. However, Quang Ngai has many extremely beautiful places that you have never known. In addition to sea tourism, here are the mountains that help demonstrate the greatness of nature in Quang Ngai province:

Mt Thien But                                                                            Mt Thien An

Mt Long Dau son                                                                     Mt Long Son

Mt Cao Co                                                                               Mt Da Che

Mt Voi                                                                                      Mt Hum

Mt Dau                                                                                    Mt Long Phung

Mt Thach Bich                                                                         Mt Ca Dam

Mt An                                                                                       Mt Thoi Loi

Mt Tra Bong                                                                            Mt Hon Dau

Quang Nam Province

Surely everyone has heard about the poetic Hoi An ancient town, right? Hoi An is located in Quang Nam province – a land that also owns many scenic spots with a different temperament from the ancient atmosphere of Hoi An. In addition to the long romantic beaches, there are also wild, mysterious lands and attractive mountains such as:

Mt Que                                                                                    Mt Thanh

Mt Am Thong                                                                          Mt Cam

Quang Ninh Province

Quang Ninh has the world famous Ha Long Bay, which is also considered as one of the lands with the most outstanding and unique tourism resources in the country. Quang Ninh tourism has been extremely developed in recent years and has never been “hot”. With the advantage of being a coastal province owning 2/3 of the country’s islands and 2 large island districts, Van Don and Co To, Quang Ninh also possesses the following impressive mountains:

Mt Than Dinh                                                                          Mt Bai Tho

Mt Tien Son                                                                             Mt Yen Tu

Mt Thanh Dang                                                                       Mt Man

Mt Hua                                                                                    Mt Dong Trieu

Mt Loi Am                                                                                Mt Cao Ba Lanh

Mt Cao Xiem                                                                           Mt Ngoa Van

Mt Tru Phong                                                                          Mt Thanh Long

Mt Tien                                                                                    Mt Khe Van – Thong Chau

Quang Tri Province

Quang Tri is a place with a peaceful landscape with honest, rustic people and historical memories still imprinted. Coming to Quang Tri, you will easily feel at peace in harmony with nature because this place has not yet suffered too much influence from industrialization. The names of the mountains in Vietnam that can be mentioned in Quang Tri are:

Mt Talung                                                                                Mt Klu

Mt Ta Bang                                                                             Mt Cu Vo

Mt Dong Cho                                                                           Mt Prai

Son La Province

Son La is a province in the Northwest region containing wild features, bold mountains and charming mountains. Among the provinces in the Northwest mountainous region, Son La stands out with many exotic flowers that bloom seasonally. But the mountains here are not inferior:

Mt Pha Luong                                                                          Mt Ta Xua

Mt Maa Khen                                                                           Mt Chi Day

Tay Ninh Province

Tay Ninh, a place in the Southern region, seems to be not famous for tourism, but it possesses surprisingly beautiful and worth-experienced places to visit. For mountain climbing enthusiasts, Tay Ninh is not a strange place. Ba Den Mountain in Tay Ninh is a place where many people come to challenge their abilities. Nui Ba relic complex consists of 3 mountains forming:

Mt Ba Den                                                                               Mt Phung

Mt Heo

Thai Nguyen Province

Thai Nguyen is famous throughout the country for its delicious specialty tea, which is a mountainous province in the Northern Midlands, adjacent to Hanoi. As a socio-economic center of the Northeast region, Thai Nguyen promises to bring natural and human experiences here. Extremely impressive mountains in Thai Nguyen:

Mt Giuoc                                                                                  Mt Ham Lon

Mt Hot                                                                                     Mt Van

Mt Vo                                                                                       Mt Quan Ngua

Mt Xem                                                                                    Mt Cam Co

Mt Hong                                                                                  Mt Tam Dao

Mt Phuong Hoang                                                                   Mt Duom

Mt Cai                                                                                      Mt Coc

Mt Chua Hang                                                                         Mt Meo

Mt Nguom

Thanh Hoa Province

Thanh Hoa is the last province of the Central region connecting with the North of our country. Thanh Hoa is very diverse in types of tourism with all forms from sea tourism to ecotourism. Thanh Hoa upland borders the Northwest, so the scenery and culture are quite similar. Therefore, Thanh Hoa owns many challenging mountains in Vietnam:

Mt Ham Rong                                                                          Mt Rong

Mt Phuong                                                                               Mt Voi

Mt Canh Tien                                                                          Mt Nit

Mt Ngoc                                                                                   Mt Truong Le

Mt Bao                                                                                     Mt Du Xuyen

Mt Thach Lam                                                                         Mt Nua

Mt Truong Sinh                                                                       Mt Gai

Mt Co Rua                                                                               Mt Ngu Hoa Phong

Mt nui Me nui Con                                                                   Mt Ta Ao

Mt con Meo                                                                             Mt Xuan Dai

Mt Tien si                                                                                Mt Nhoi

Mt Bo Um

Thua Thien Hue Province

Referring to Hue, everyone thinks of ancient architecture from the time of kings and tranquil scenes of the old ancient capital. A dreamy Hue with ancient features has entered the hearts of countless tourists. So does Hue only have that much impression? In fact, Hue not only attracts tourists with its elegant and ancient scenery, but also possesses very charming natural scenes with mountains located in the main mountain ranges in Vietnam:

Mt Hon Vuon Hue                                                                   Mt Ngu

Mt Ta Long Ai                                                                          Mt Thien Tho

Mt Cam Khe                                                                            Mt Thuan Dao

Mt Chau Chu                                                                           Mt Bach Ma

Mt Linh Thai                                                                            Mt Tuy Van

Mt Ngoc Tran                                                                          Mt Ba Tang

Mt Dong Truoi                                                                         Mt Tam Thai

Mt Dong Ngai                                                                          Mt Co A Nong

Mt Bol Droui                                                                            Mt Tro Linh

Mt Hoi cao                                                                               Mt Coc Bai

Mt Mang                                                                                  Mt Dong Chuc Mao

Mt Dong A Tay                                                                        Mt Truong Son

Tuyen Quang Province

Located in the heart of the Northeast region, it is home to many cultures from different ethnic minorities. Tuyen Quang land is a blend of ethnic groups with many precious heritages, cultural values, and spiritual values that have been preserved for a long time. Besides, Tuyen Quang also holds many beautiful landscapes, among them are mountains such as:

Mt Pac Ta                                                                                Mt Thuong Lam

Mt Phieng Khà                                                            Mt Dum

Mt Na Nua                                                                               Mt Pac Ban

Mt Doc Ong                                                                             Mt Doc Ba

Mt Dat Tu Khang                                                                     Mt Cam

Mt Bach Than                                                                          Mt Huong Nghiem

Vinh Phuc Province

Recently, Vinh Phuc has become a “hot” tourist destination with enchanting Tam Dao. It has many mountains, lagoons and lakes in beautiful locations that can be developed into an attractive resort destination. In addition, Vinh Phuc is also outstanding with mountains that are no less than “Tam Dao – a land of misty mist”:

Mt Thien Nhi                                                                            Mt Ban Thach

Mt Phu Nghia                                                                          Mt Tam Dao

Mt Con Trau                                                                            Mt Than Lan

Mt Ba Vi                                                                                  Mt Bong

Mt Ma                                                                                      Mt Sang

Mt Thach Ban                                                                          Mt Phu Nghia

Mt Thien Thi                                                                            Mt Rung Rinh

Mt Tay Thien

Yen Bai Province

Considered a “dangerous place” in the Northwest, destinations in Yen Bai are more about discovery and experience than resort tourism. Famous for its spectacular passes, with majestic natural scenery, Yen Bai increasingly challenges those who are passionate about conquering the highest mountains in Vietnam. The mountains currently challenging the seekers are:

Mt Ta Chi Nhu                                                                         Mt Lung Cung

Mt Ta Xua                                                                               Mt Pu Luong

Mt Hoang Lien Son                                                                 Mt Hoang Thi

Mt Hac Y                                                                                 Mt Tham

Mt Bach Ma                                                                             Mt Na Hang A

Mt Na Hang B                                                                         Mt Khau Pha

Mt Cao Bien                                                                            Mt Yen

Mt Vua Den                                                                             Mt Lung Trang Find out more about Vietnamese great mountains at

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