Mexico’s Top Five Outdoor Adventure Destinations

Mexico’s Top Five Outdoor Adventure Destinations

With a rich, varied culture and a perfectly accessible geographic location, Mexico is one of the world’s top vacation destinations for nearly everything: cuisine, nature, luxury, history, and of course, adventure.

Whether its wild, rolling rivers and pristine coastlines to rugged desert landscapes and lush jungles – if you love adventure and the outdoors, Mexico is sure to have the right fit for you. From high-octane ATV tours, to enlightening historical treks through the jungle to explore Mayan Ruins, we’ve done the research – and had the experiences – to pull together the top five outdoor adventure destinations Mexico has to offer. Read on to learn more.

Explore the Mayan Jungle at Lacandón

An adventure trip to Mexico can’t be complete without seeing ruins from one of the world’s oldest known civilizations, the Mayans. While there are plenty of drive-up Mayan ruins to see on quick day trips, for those looking to have a real adventure Lacandón cannot be ignored.

Situated in Chiapas, Mexico’s southernmost state, the Lacandón jungle spills across the Usumacinta River in Guatemala with gorgeous waterfalls, wild fauna and exotic flora, and awe-inspiring ancient mayan ruins nestled under its canopy. To make the most of your adventure in Lacandón and explore the jungle in the safest way possible, guided tours are recommended. Through participating in these, you can travel by boat down the Usumancinta river to visit the ancient city of Yaxchilan and the ruins of Bonampak, a Mayan site famous for its Temple of Ruins. From there, a trek through the jungle to the spectacular Las Golondrinas waterfalls will be sure to satisfy any adventure needs.

Traverse the Baja Desert in Cabo

Cabo San Lucas is generally known for two things: relaxation and parties. While these are great activities for someone looking to get a break from their daily lives, Cabo also has a number of high-octane adventure options to scratch that adrenaline itch.

Situated close to the Baja desert, a number of ATV tours venture out from Cabo on excursions each day. Participants can traverse through secluded sweeping canyons and mountain trails on the latest AVs. Some even add in a dose of education with local guides who share their knowledge on local history, culture, geography and sustainability. On most tours, adventure and indulgence are blended together with stops at local restaurants and distilleries to sample the local cuisine and taste a range of beer, tequila, and mezcal.

Dive the World’s Longest Cenotes Along the Yucatan Peninsula

Mexico is well-known for it’s cenotes, circular limestone swimming holes that dot the landscape along the Yucatan Peninsula, a perfect escape from the Mexican heat. While they can be luxurious and revitalizing, these cenotes are all part of vast underground, underwater cave systems that are perfect for exploration and adventure.

Situated within the Riviera Maya, Cenote Angelita is the perfect destination for a diving tour. Here, participants can enter a surrealistic world of wonder within one of the world’s deepest cenotes. The only way to enter is straight down, where, at the bottom, divers encounter the intermingling of salt and fresh waters, which produce literal clouds of hydrogen sulphide. Upon swimming through, many divers claim it feels as though they are entering a completely different world.

Chase Waterfalls at Cascada De Tamul

Situated in San Luis Potosí, the lush and remote subregion of Huasteca Potosina is filled with refreshing swimming holes, dense, green jungles, and breathtaking waterfalls. None of these waterfalls, however, are more breathtaking than Cascada De Tamul. Like a scene from a postcard, milky blue water tumbles more than 100 meters into the pristine, crystalline Rio Santa Maria. Set in a canyon with dense jungle surrounding on all sides, Cascada De Tamul is the perfect destination for those looking for an adventure that’s a little more off the beaten path than others.

It’s extremely accessible to see the falls via self-guided tour. Adventurers simply need to pay a park entrance fee, wade across the Rio Santa Maria, and follow an easy hike through the jungle to the waterfall. Once there, it’s recommended to take a swim in the crystalline waters to see the falls – along with millions of butterflies playing in the spray – from the bottom.

Bask in the Crystalline Waters of Balandra Bay

Who says outdoor adventures have to be high-octane? Sometimes they can be slow and focused on discovery rather than increasing your heart rate. For this kind of adventure, a trip to one of Mexico’s pristine beaches is the perfect fit.

Home to the famous ‘El Hongo’, a mushroom shaped rock, Balandra has earned the moniker as one of the prettiest beaches in Baja, California Sur. Shining white sand turns to clear blue waters along the length of the bay, offering visitors a clear view of the underwater landscape from one cove to the next. The turquoise lagoon and flat, sprawling beach against looming, rust colored mountains kick the visual splendor into overdrive. With a limited number of patrons allowed per day, the waterfront is serene and perfect for self-guided exploration. In fact, it’s recommended that visitors wade out into the refreshing waters to explore the many beaches situated around the bay – the perfect way to spend a relaxed adventure day. Kaloyan Valentinov Danchev is the founder and president of a luxury travel firm, Fidelis Marketing Group. It is a business group that sells tourist facilities of the highest quality and tours to the best attractions of the locations in which we have presence.

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