How To Prepare for your First Day Hike

Infographic - how-to-prepare-for-your-first-day-hike

In recent years hiking in all its forms has massively boomed in popularity as a way for people to spend more time outdoors, get offline, discover new places and stay active. The added bonus that hiking is usually free and doesn’t require major ongoing costs makes it an enjoyable hobby that can easily be enjoyed solo, with family and friends, and it’s even a way to meet new people near and far. Hiking also plays a big role in conversations about sustainability due to the returns for many communities on having shared, public spaces that both preserve and celebrate nature. All in all, it makes total sense that it’s a go-to activity for people all over the world from the spiritual summiting of Mt Fuji in Japan to Norway’s ethos of ‘friluftsliv’!

Even with the growing normalization of spending more time outdoors walking from casual park strolls to lengthy cross-country treks, many people are still intimidated and don’t really know where to start with hiking. While this is understandable, with the right planning any fears can be overcome and the benefits certainly outweigh the negatives. According to Meaghan Praznik from AllTrails:

“Hiking is not just good for us physically, but spending time outdoors and in nature is incredibly beneficial for our mental health, too. Hiking is a fairly accessible activity for outdoor lovers of all levels, experience, and ability.”

So, where to from here for amateur or uncertain would-be hikers? To help hikers who want to get out onto trails, this infographic guide from footwear specialists Walsh Brothers Shoes covers off key information including shoes, physical preparations and post-hike evaluations. Read on for the full resource or share with someone you know who’s gearing up for their first hike ‒ there’s plenty of details so they can feel confident, prepared and excited about the adventures awaiting them. Here’s to happy hiking!

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