How to Book Travel Advertisement In Newspapers?

The Tour and Travel ad

The Tour and Travel industry is perhaps the most dynamic industry with continually changing data springing up from time to time for public consumption. Of all the media choices – including radio, TV, the Internet, and so on, only the newspaper ads for tours and travel amplifies results in terms of awareness generation and developing business. Tour & travels

Why Book Travel Ad in Newspapers?

The tourism industry is booming today as more and more people travel for work and pleasure. Below are some of the reasons, why you should book your travel ads in  newspapers:

1. Travel advertisements in newspapers help travel-related businesses gain public recognition and especially in the eyes of prospective consumers.

2. Tourism ads, by their very nature, inform people about the availability of travel-related services, which serve as an incentive for the already thriving tourism industry.

3. Travel services ads in the newspaper help to reach local people and tourists, and help meet everyone’s requirements.

4. In India, newspapers are read by people in big cities and towns throughout the country. Newspapers are read by people from all walks of life. Hence, makes your advertisement reach the targeted audience easily and effectively.

5. Travel advertisements help build connections between travel service providers and customers and set the stage for building lasting business relationships.

The various types of advertisements offered by popular newspaper agencies for which travel classified ads could be published are, Classifieds For Car Rentals, Text Ads For Car Rental, Display Ads For Car Rental, Classifieds For Tours & Travels, Times Tour & Travel ads, and Classifieds For Visa Assistance ads, etc.

How to Book Travel Advertisement In Newspapers?

Online portal enables you to book your newspaper Travel Classified advertisement in few basic steps:

  1. Choose the newspaper you want to get your ad published in, open their online portal then select the appropriate ad type, among Travel Classified Text and Travel Classified Display advertisement.

            Classified Text Ad: These Ads appear in the classified section in the standard running text format. Rate is charged per Line, Word, Character basis. Enhancements like tick mark, color, bold font, border lead to extra charges.

           Classified Display Ad: It is more visually appealing than classified text ads. Here one can add customized font, color, logo, or image to make the ad visually more effective for the target readers.

2. Selection of the preferred ad category like Bus Rentals, Hotel & Resorts to Travel Agencies and Visa or Passport Assistance.

3. Now choose your preferred newspaper edition and package. Any advertiser can now view the business rate card and then place his Travel Ad Classified in the newspaper you’ve chosen, at the lowest of costs instantly.

4. The next most important step in your ad booking process is the structure of your advertisement. Finally, you can verify your release dates and clear payments with our secure payment methods.

5. To conclude the booking procedure, you will receive an instant confirmation mail consisting of all the booking, and payment details of your business ad.

6. It is important to clear all payments to receive an instant email confirmation with all your booking details, at least 3 days before your ad release date

Travel Advertisement Composing Tips :

  1. Mention the contact details in ad text to get effective response.
  2. Publish the name of the travel agency & its location.
  3. Mention the Budget & destination so that responses are received from people of right budget.
  4. Services & facilities provided by the agencies.
  5.  Kindly ensure proper space between names/characters to avoid editing issues.

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