Europe’s Must-See National Parks – Infographic


Currently, we are starved of travel, especially internationally. With the unfortunate existence of Covid- 19, it’s impossible for many people to travel to other countries to experience their beauty and to explore their surrounds. Usually, national parks are a common travel destination for travellers as they showcase the natural beauty of a particular area and provide many recreational opportunities within the park. Cycling, meandering walks, hiking, boating are common mainstays of these parks and they’re activities that can be enjoyed by literally all ages. Natural habitat including plants, trees, flowers and also native animals are in their own environment for people to enjoy and it’s a wonderful family destination for vacations.

The guys from Crowe Sawmills have put together this infographic below that outlines all you need to know about those must-see national parks around the globe. With everything from Sarek National Park in Sweden to Gargano National Park in Italy and lots more in between, the world is your oyster in terms of national parks that need to go on your “must-see” list! Check out the full details below in the graphic where it’s broken down into positives and negatives and what type of travellers are suited for each experience.

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