Best Sites for Nature-Lovers in Utah

Deer valley Utah

Utah is located in America’s beautiful Southwest region and is a combination of beautiful mountains, canyons, parks, and so much more. Its endless spectacular views make it one of the best places for any nature lover to visit.

Below are the top sites in Utah that anyone with an appreciation for nature and scenic views should visit.

Zion is an essential stop in Utah. Its powerful sandstone mountains create a sense of protection and tranquility as you hike and explore. Zion’s landscape is full of vibrant colors as the cliffs and boulders are a bright reddish-orange color that is so bright it is hard to believe it is naturally formed. Utah was eager to protect Zion’s beauty as it was actually the state’s first national park. Zion offers many outdoor activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, and of course, hiking. Zion’s hiking trails are particularly sensational, one of their best being Angel’s Landing. This trail offers extraordinary views and for those who dare, the trail has the option of a steep path to a great viewpoint. This slope is under half a mile and a rope is offered to keep hikers grounded as they make the trek.

Zion Utah

If you stop at Zion National Park, you need to drive the extra hour or so to see Bryce Canyon. Bryce Canyon’s sheer size is majestic as it offers compelling views of the landscape as far as the eye can see. Bryce Canyon is also the largest collection of hoodoos. Hoodoo is the term for rock formations that were created by uneven erosion, giving the rocks a unique and unmissable appearance. These hoodoos are a bright orange or red and line the interior of the canyon, making every view a surreal experience. The views at Bryce Canyon are particularly special as the bright orange and yellows of the canyon are typically only found in desert areas however, the surrounding landscape includes woodlands, shrubbery, wildlife, and caves. The views in this area are every hiker’s dream and the trails beg to be hiked.

Park City, Utah is the perfect spot for those nature-lovers who enjoy some amenities and comfort as well. Located just outside Salt Lake City on the eastern side, Park City embodies the charm of a small town while offering endless outdoor activities to explore. The area is within the Wasatch Mountain range, making it the perfect spot for hiking, mountain bike riding, and in the winter, the skiing conditions are fantastic. In fact, avid traveler Ryan Gibbs stayed in Deer Valley, which is a great resort area of Park City, and had nothing but great things to say about his trip: “Park City, Utah is a fabulous winter break for families, particularly those who love to Ski! We spent a week following Christmas at the Montage in Deer Valley. The luxury atmosphere of the lodging, from the heated outdoor pool, to the nightly “smores bar” and tubing run, struck the perfect note for my family of five.” Park City is a true gem in that it balances the comforts of a luxurious getaway with the adventure and immerse feeling that comes with exploring a new area.

Mirror Lake is an oasis of grasslands, a crystal clear lake, and a stunning view of Bald Mountain. Bald Mountain is the focal point of the area as it towers over everything in site at 12,000 feet. Mirror Lake is located in the middle of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest and is the perfect setting to immerse yourself in nature. The lake is a popular spot for activities such as fishing, kayaking, and camping. Additionally, there are plenty of hiking trails for all skill levels that are easily accessible and offer incredible viewpoints of the serene lake. Mirror Lake is a perfect complimentary stop to the intense mountains and canyons that mark Utah’s landscape. Mirror Lake’s beauty is still profound, but it has a humble and more peaceful energy.


Dead Horse Point is the perfect spot for those who are interested in experiencing a little of Utah’s culture and history. As part of America’s Southwest, Utah carries some of the history of the wild west. Dead Horse Point was originally used by cowboys as a corral for their horses. Unfortunately, the name comes from the fact that many of the horses would die due to exposure to the elements. Despite its rugged past, today Dead Horse Point is a beautiful area that overlooks a portion of the Colorado River, which runs below. Dead Horse Point also offers views of Canyonland, another great stop in Utah that features incredible rock formations that the Colorado River carved out over hundreds of years.

Utah is often forgotten about when people think of their ideal travel destinations but it truly has something for everyone, especially those who appreciate the wide variety of natural beauty it has to offer.

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