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Not only is Bali the cultural hub of Indonesia with its majestic temples and monuments, but it is also filled with adventure-filled hotspots as well. From luxurious shopping to street shopping, splendid waterfalls, serene beaches, and thrilling water activities it has it all. Planning a vacation to Bali isn’t as easy as it sounds as the attractions are spread across eight regencies, and even though a week may seem enough to do all the sightseeing you plan you will fall short on time when you are there. Exploring this island has to be done like a true local to get that perfect experience, and for choosing your hotspots accordingly you can take a few insights from the list below.

Mount And Lake Batur

Very infamous for its magnificent views and widely known as Kintamani volcano, Mount Batur allows you to be in one of the most dramatic hotspots in Bali. Coming to the view, 13 sq km caldera and a wide beautiful lake that fills most of the caldera is just what you wouldn’t be able to take your eyes off from. You could trek to the peak before sunrise and catch breakfast along with the volcano, relax in the hot springs or take a stroll through the ancient villages.


Located on the north coast of Bali, spread across 5 miles is this beautiful beach of Lovina. Take a day off here and slip off into oblivion, How? Go snorkeling or scuba diving, chill at the hot water spring at Banjar, watch the water beauties- dolphins or take a spa day. With so much to offer, it is your perfect getaway from the bustle of the southern part of Bali.

Nusa Lembongan

Turquoise blue water, coral offshore, quaint and friendly locals all inside a small island, known as Nusa Lembangon is located off the southeastern shores of Bali. What you can’t miss here is taking a boat to Mangrove Park. But what can you do here? Here a small list – Diving, surfing, snorkeling, cruising your way through life, and oh don’t forget to discover the hidden dream beach.

Sanur Beach

Tracking starfishes at the Sanur beach while the tides are low and watching the beautiful sunrise here is one of the most serene experiences you would ever get. Located southeast of Bali, this beach has been unchanged on the lines of evolution. With a lot of well-preserved histories, temples and museums this place has so much to offer.

Kuta White Sand Beach

A small drive through a picturesque toll bridge here is a must-do. white sandy beaches with amazing seafood during sunset- ring a bell? Yes, you can have the perfect scenic dinner here at beachside cafes in Kuta beach. If you want to explore a tad bit more than you can visit the Kuta Sea Turtle Conservation site or get wet in the circus waterpark, or pay a visit to the Zero Memorial as well.

Pura Luhur Uluwatu

Sitting right on the sea and made on an immensely steep limestone cliff is Pura Luhur Uluwatu. You are likely to see artistic Statues of Ganesha on your way in through the entrance. You will also most likely love the type of live Kecak dance performances here which is a typical day here at Pura Luhur Uluwatu. While you’re at it don’t miss out on the Seafood dinner at the Jimbaran Beach while the sun sets down, it should surely be on top of your list of things to do here.

Mount Agung

The highest peak in Bali and its spiritual center is Mount Agung. Engaging yourself in some fun-filled trekking and rock climbing is the best way to enjoy this beauty early in the morning so that you can sit back and enjoy this beauty at dawn. You can channel your inner photographer here as it’s known for its picturesque.


Go underwater and witness a world beyond anything you’ve ever seen before here at Tulamben. The shipwreck remains here will be an eye-catching experience, and at the end is the largest bio rock reef of all in Pemuteran. For all the divers, you will not be disappointed here at all but it would be advisable to go diving during the dry months.


A common sport but with increasing difficulty along with it is the white water rafting here at Ayung river. Located in Ubud, this is one of the largest rivers where you can be a part of the thrill. Taking you over 10 km of thrill and adventure, the rafting here is one of a kind and fits well for beginners and full families as it comes with a guide who’s a  professional trainer. You will learn how to navigate with many safety standards which will give you a memorable experience that you will carry back home.


Starting from taking a stroll through Tegalalang, bamboo mansions, encountering flocking herons at Petulu, and taking a scenic ride Ubud is a complete package for anyone who comes here. You can never fall short on things to do here, be it cultural visit or witness street dance performances, Ubud will be your surprise package.

Excited for your Bali vacation already? Well, make sure you add all that you want to do here because you know what they say- you only live once. Get a good mix of everything here at Bali and ensure you plan it your way, so start customizing your personalized Bali trip package and make the best of it.

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