5 Most Beautiful Cities in Mexico To Visit

Puerto Vallarta

Flawlessly mixing the old with the new, colonial design and present-day buildings stand one next to spacious plazas and wonderful beaches in Mexico’s magnificent cities. Lying close to incredible Mayan ruins, the lively roads are home to astonishing cafés and museums, just as flourishing nightlife and trendy shops.

1. Cancun


With its glittering turquoise waters, magnificent white beaches and spectacular gathering scene, Cancun’s makes it a fun and energetic city to visit in Mexico. This enormous resort city has different sides to it; the upmarket inns, splendid spas, and costly seafood restaurants stand out from the solid structures that are normal for the more private neighborhoods. Both are worth exploring, in any case, as the latter is home to authentic salsa clubs, laid-back shoreline bars and plenty of cheap eating choices, while the nearby beaches stay immaculate and excellent.

2. Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Found right at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, Cabo San Lucas has a heap of activities to engage tourists, with a raucous gathering scene in the midst of a stunning setting of delightful white beaches and stunning ocean precipices at Land’s End. With a number of resorts to choose from, the city is becoming popular. Although, many people desire the beaches and mind-blowing nightlife, which includes awesome restaurants, and energetic bars, overall we can say that Cabo San Lucas is one of the best cities in Mexico.

3. Mexico City

Mexico City

This colossal capital city is home to more than twenty-five million people; its immense size is amazing to see and explore. In spite of the endless sprawl, the awesome metro system will before long make them shoot around in no time at all. While Mexico City still struggles with pollution, a lot of enhancements have been made as of recent years. As such, a few regions teem with life and vitality while others are all the more calm and laid back. A cosmopolitan spot, the city center has some superb delightful architecture on show. There are some incredible museums to visit, with fabulous dining options and minimal little old churches scattered among current buildings. With such a great amount to see and do, one could spend a lifetime exploring all this city has to offer.

4. Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen

Situated on the Yucatan Peninsula, Playa, as it is known to residents, it is at the core of the Mayan Riviera. It is a well-known destination because of its closeness to Cancun and Cozumel. This trendy resort city is packed with holidaymakers from both Mexico and abroad, with heaps of cruise ship travelers dropping by. Notwithstanding its stunning beaches and peaceful waters, the close-by reefs make for fantastic diving and swimming.

5. Puerto Vallarta

With dazzling sunsets that wash the mountains behind Puerto Vallarta in a golden glow and leave orange hues faltering in the sea, the city is a delight to visit and draws in a various horde of occasion creators. Its unlimited beaches are the principle draw, and the glittering waters that fringe them just add to Puerto Vallarta’s charm. Although costly and quite touristy, the city has a pleasant old colonial center, with some trendy shops and upmarket restaurants.

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