Best Places to Visit in New Delhi for Couples

Japanese Park Rohini

When people get into a relationship, they always love to spend time together. Hanging out with common friends, partying all night or eating out is fine but some alone time with just the two of them is all that couples always long for. In this busy and crowded world, finding places to sit and relax with your partner is a tough time. In addition to that, the stricter rules that are implied to the couples’ hangout zones also make it difficult for them to spend some quality time together. In foreign countries, people still have the privilege to be romantic in public places but in India, the traditions overcome the power of love.

But every darkness has a silver lining, so here we present the best places to visit for couples in the heart of India- Delhi!

Lodhi garden – This is situated near the famous khan market and an ideal place for couples to be together. The serenity of this place makes it a perfect fit for people who wants to stay away from the limelight of the city for a while and spend it with their partner in a peaceful environment like this.

Japanese Park – Located in north Delhi’s sector 10, near ‘Rohini West’ metro station, this place is such a treat to introvert people finding ways to love each other. The calmness even the shade of the trees bestows to its seekers is something special to fall for.

Old Fort (Purana Qila) – This fort from the 16th century, in Mathura road, possesses such a charm and elegance that it attracts not only tourists all over the world but also old school lovers to feel its enigma. The adjacent lake which offers boat rides is also an attraction to bring about couples and make it their own special hangout zone.Purana Qila (Old Fort) Cannought Place Delhi

Indraprastha Park – This park is located on the outer ring road of east Delhi. For the overly romantic people this is the best-fitted place; be it the ambiance of this place or its safe roll out to couples’ PDA, this place has it all what takes it to be on their visiting list.

Hauz Khas village (Deer Park) – Located near the IIT Delhi campus, this is a highly recommended place for couples in south Delhi. Mainly the college goers love the privacy that this place offers to them along with the Mughal essence within its surroundings.

Buddha Garden – This park is situated in ridge road, south Delhi. For couples to get cozy, this place is the ideal choice as its a lush green area spread across a large area. The cupid hit people find this place a hit amongst their peers.

Garden of Five Senses – This charismatic place is located on the Mehrauli-Badarpur roadway. The colorful aura that it shells out to its visitors, makes it considerable for a repeated visit. The fragrances of thousands of flowers on this garden and the beauty of it make this place fitting for lovebirds to pour their heart out and be lost in each other’s arms.

“Where there is love, there is life,” said by our father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi, truly stands fulfilling to the core. If your life lacks love, then you are missing on a major piece of excitement from your life. It makes you feel alive when after days of freaking out in your tedious life, you get to spend quality time with your loved ones. So, these places in Delhi are a must visit from couples within the place and travelers too.

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