Importance of Accommodation Services and Styles in Tourism


When we think about traveling for vacation, the first thing that comes to our mind is which hotel we are going to book. Booking the perfect accommodation is important because, after a long tiring day of sightseeing, we all crave for a comfortable place to relax and rejuvenate ourselves and you should be aware of the various accommodation styles available for booking depending on your requirements.

So, without further ado let us explain the different types of accommodation which you will find when going for a vacation.

  • Hotels

In the tourism industry, hotels are one of the most significant and essential players. Hotels nowadays offer their guests not only lodging and free meals, but also a variety of other services to suit their ever changing needs.

  • Resorts

These are designed for travellers who want to have a good time while also having some rest. They are often found by the sea, in hill stations, or in any picturesque setting. In addition to the basic facilities provided by hotels, resorts also provide additional leisure and relaxation amenities to their guests, such as indoor and outdoor activities, spa treatments, and so on.

  • Star Category Hotels –

These are basically modern accommodation style hotels, which are mostly found in metropolitan cities or major tourist destinations. These hotels are awarded stars for their services. These stars are assigned based on the amenities provided by the hotel. The more amenities it provides those meet industry standards, the more stars the hotel receives. The star rating ranges from 1 to 5 star. Hotels with the most stars are known to be among the most luxurious in the world.

  • Floating Hotels –

On the surface of the water, which may be a sea, river, or even a lake, Floating Hotels can be seen. These accommodation-style hotels also provide amenities similar to those found in a traditional hotel. Hotels include houseboats, as well as old cruise liners that have been converted into hotels.

  • Commercial Hotels –

Commercial hotels are typically located near business or commercial centres and are primarily dedicated to serving business tourists. Almost all of these accommodation style hotels have ample parking, a diverse menu, and amenities for their business clients/guests.

  • Capsule Hotels –

Capsule hotels were first seen in Japan. These were established primarily to serve business tourists. The rooms are basically lined up like a ‘double-decker.’ On each floor, there is a common restroom, vending machines, and a lounge area. Each capsule room includes amenities such as a bed, a television, and adjustable lighting.

  • Motels –

Motels are commonly found near highways and expressways. Tourists who are more cost-conscious prefer to stay in such types of accommodations. These types of accommodations include not only ample parking but also amenities such as television, restaurants, and swimming pools.

  • Heritage Hotels –

These are mostly old royal properties such as castles, and palaces that have been renovated and converted into hotels open to the public. Tourists can experience majestic grandeur and a sense of the golden age here.

  • Hotels and inns

An inn is a type of establishment that provides temporary lodging as well as food and beverages. Inns are smaller than hotels and similar in size to bed and breakfasts, but inns are usually a little bigger. Guests are assigned private quarters, and breakfast and dinner are typically available.

Conclusion Hotels, motels and resorts constitute an important part of the tourism industry. There are several grades of hotels which differ from one another on the basis of facilities offered and the amenities available for any Tourist. Tourists can select any type of accommodation style as per their need and budget preferences.

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