How To Keep A Move Abroad On-Track

How To Keep A Move Abroad On-Track

Living overseas is a dream for many people yet it’s also a monumental undertaking with a multitude of logistics including financial planning, legal documentation, job searching and so much more!

Therefore, it’s understandable that the necessary tasks to make this kind of move a reality can be both intimidating and a little overwhelming. So much so that for many people it might be hard to even get started with working on it. It makes sense that people might get bogged down thinking about the barriers rather than the steps they can manage easily. Despite this, one benefit of spending time living and working overseas is that it offers an incredible opportunity for career development. In fact, recruitment specialists Michael Page say that the qualitative characteristics of people who have made an overseas move are very attractive. They say, “The “foot in the door” rule especially applies to working overseas, because once you can show that you have the determination and commitment to make that move and stick it out, future potential employers will have more confidence in you as a prospective employee.” This outlook is a leading reason for making your own move happen from a strategic standpoint, for the long-term positive gains and the travel adventure of a lifetime.

So, where can you start so this dream becomes a plan? Hansen and Company developed this infographic as a resource for anyone planning a new chapter in a new country. This guide for ‘How To Keep A Move Abroad On-Track ’ covers essential timeline steps from research through to life administration to make an international move happen. Their experience in the field of immigration and work visas helps them to provide the most relevant organizational and practical advice to make so you can be moving overseas within your desired timeframe. Read on to be living, working and travelling abroad before you know it.

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