A Foodie’s Guide to London

A Foodie’s Guide to London

One of the best ways to explore a city or feel like a tourist in your hometown is to take a journey of discovery. London is always calling as a destination that combines extraordinary architecture, diverse culture, arts, sport, and, of course, food. Britain’s largest metropolis is considered one of the driving forces behind food innovation throughout the world. Not only do we have London to thank for global trends like the ‘gastropub’ and celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver, the city also has more Indian restaurants than Delhi and Mumbai. It’s truly a city that delivers and delights with a myriad of incredible food of all kinds.

Now you’re ready to embark on your food tour, you can use this infographic from L.A. Stretch Limos as a checklist to conquer London’s food scene! Get ready for:

● A classic high tea
● Chinatown delicacies
● A street food extravaganza
● Classic English fry-up
● The original Sunday roast
● British fish & chips
● Michelin-starred magnificence
● Food markets galore

So, whether you’re a gastronomy obsessive or looking for fun activities, this graphic ‘A Foodie’s Guide to London’ is sure to have something for you so you can prepare and plan for some life-changing meals now. And, remember the words of Oscar Wilde: “The man who can dominate a London dinner-table can dominate the world.”

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