Top 10 Australian Attractions

Can You Explore Australia in 7 Days

Australia, the smallest continent in the world and the biggest island, is a popular destination for travelers. Australia is a complete package with its coral reefs, picturesque rain forests, red-earthed national parks, beautiful beaches, and scorching deserts, from being home to some of the most eccentric animals and cherished stories of the natives.

You can enjoy yourself, have fun and have a wonderful holiday in this country. With so many places to visit in gorgeous yet peculiar Australia, here are all the fun and happy tourist attractions in Australia for your next Down Under trip! Here are our best choices for you to tour around the land of kangaroos, from beaches, national parks, museums, and tourist sites! To have an unforgettable experience, make sure you don’t miss out on the best Australian tourist attractions. Visit any or all, if you have the time.

  • Blue Mountains National Park – For A Day Trip

A famous day trip from Sydney is the stunning Blue Mountains National Park – another UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is named for the blue haze, which is a beautiful panoramic view to behold from the many eucalyptus trees! You must visit this park, one of Australia’s most popular locations.

Things to see: Three Sisters: a sandstone rock formation soaring 900 meters above the Jamison Valley. Majestic views of gorges, sculptures, and rare animal species.

Stuff to do: Board the scenic Katoomba Railway wrapped in glass, the world’s steepest passenger railway into a cliff-side tunnel, camping, abseiling, rock climbing, mountain biking, and horse riding.

Tips: Don’t forget to hold the camera on you to catch the moments of wow!

How to get there From Sydney: Take the M4 and the Great Western Highway to Glenbrook, the Lower Grose Valley, Katoomba, and Blackheath areas on the south side.

  • Uluru – Striking Visuals

Another important tourist attraction in Australia is one of the world’s biggest monoliths, Uluru or Ayers Rock. This striking red monolith sandstone formation, meaning ‘shadowy spot,’ stands more than 348 meters high within the Kata Tjuta National Park. This is one of Australia’s best places for hitchhiking.

Things to see: Magnificent sunset as the rocks change their shades, landscape around the rocks.

Stuff to do: Choose a wonderful indigenous tour of the site guided by the country’s native guides and rangers.

Tips: As it is situated at a significant height, keep yourself safe!

How to get there From Sydney: You can fly from all the Australian capital cities to Uluru-Ayers Rock via Qantas or Virgin Australia.

  • Heide Museum of Modern Art – A Unique Place

The Museum of Modern Art in Heide is a mixture of a gallery of contemporary art, a museum of historical art, and a heritage park. Its stunning location is the best excuse to visit this unusual museum; it’s located on big, lush farmland. It is a must-visit spot, a big part of tourism in Australia!

Stuff to do: Get hyped by the living history of Melbourne in Heide, take a walk around the vast serene region of Heide, and step back in time.

How to get there From Sydney: Heidelberg station by train (Hurstbridge line) and bus #903 (Mordialloc bound) to Heide. Disembark from the stop on Bridge Street/Manningham Road. The average time for bus journeys is 5-10 minutes. Walkthrough Banksia Park to Heide, next to the helmet sculpture, through a pedestrian path.

  • Carlton Gardens – The Oldest Sites

The two Australian tourist destinations listed as World Heritage sites are the Carlton Buildings and the Royal Exhibition Building. They were built in the 18th century and are still one of the oldest tourist sites in Australia. It certainly tops the list of exclusive tourist attractions in Australia!

Stuff to do: Walk around the array of Moreton Bay fig trees planted by local aboriginals, visit the Melbourne Museum, admire the Hochgurtel Fountain of the Victorian period and the revolving French Fountain. Spend time exploring the flower beds, ornamental lakes, and artistic fountains.

How to get there From Sydney: The 12-Melbourne Museum/Nicholson St (Fitzroy) is a 3-minute stroll, 163 meters away.

  • Pitt Street Mall In Sydney – An Iconic Place

Sydney holds many records for being the most popular symbol of tourist attractions in Australia. Pitt Street Mall In Sydney is very famous for shopping. While you are here, you can buy whatever you want. The shopping streets are added delights!

Stuff to do: For several retail stores lying really close by, check out the Pitt Street Mall, a one-stop arena. The area’s retail conglomeration, like Centre Stage, Imperial Arcade, Sky Garden, Glasshouse, Mid City Centre, Westfield Sydney Central Plaza, and Strand Arcade, will certainly take you more than a day to visit.How to get there From Sydney: The closest stations to Pitt Street Mall are: David Jones Castlereagh St Stand B is 273 meters away, 4 min walk.

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