Best Tourist Places to Visit in Assam – A Petite Yet Sizable Travel Destination of North India

Tourist Places to Visit in Assam

North India is always known for its rich cultural heritage and typical diverse conditions in case of the atmosphere, wildlife and agriculture. It has accountable resources of both artificial and natural architects. Amongst several over-the-top travel destinations of northern India, Assam is comparatively a small state with a diminutive land area but it posses such wonderful places of interest that it has evolved to be amongst the top-rated travel destinations of this part of the country. The archaeological sites and tea plantations always acquire the higher position while describing the best Tourist Places to visit in Assam but besides these, there are a lot more things to explore in this significant geographical physiography.

Some major traveling goals are set by the following places of Assam:

Assam Tourist Attractions

Kaziranga National Park – This national park holds a very special place in the geographical value of India as it is declared as a ‘world heritage site’ by elite environmentalists. The major factor for its accomplishment as something so prestigious is because it holds the record of accommodating the world’s two-third population of one-horned rhinoceros. Besides this, it also consists of several other wildlife animals.

Sibsagar – For history lovers and architect enthusiasts, this place has much to deliver to them. It has numerous temples and underground forts that hold back history from ancient times. This is an ideal place for people who are religious by nature, for its popular places of worship.

Jorhat – This place is famously called the ‘tea capital of India’ for its tea plantations spread across a wide land area. Apart from this, it is also known for its cultural heredity, mosques, gardens, tombs and artistic value that it depicts towards its visitors.

Dibru Saikhowa National Park – Though Assam is famous for its national parks altogether, this one is special for its highly adorable collection of ‘flora and fauna’ which are mostly counted amongst endangered species’ list. This national park is engraved as a river island and is considered as one of the nineteen biodiversity hot-spots of the world.

Hailakandi – This is a place located in Assam’s Barak valley region and possesses great cultural concoction of traditions that the local people quite enjoy abundantly.

Manas National Park – Of all the Assam Sightseeing places, this national park has potential amounts of reserves that attracts tourists to visit this place at least once during their tour of the state.

Kamakhya Temple – For all the devotees of Hindu religion’s mother goddess Kamakhya, this place holds emotions which are quite engaging in portraying the love of her blessings. It is situated in the west of Guwahati (the capital city), in the Nilachal hill and attracts many pilgrimage tourisms round the year.

Whenever people tend to travel, they first think of places which holds greater divergence in case of natural resources. Deplorably, the not-so-popular tourist spots remain unnoticed for reasons unknown, even though they shell out a better approach to their travelers. One of these unfortunate places is indeed Assam (for people does not value it as some important travel locale) but slowly this stigma is also vanishing, and people have started opting for this place as one of their favorite travel destinations. Assam Tourist attractions have shown a greater development in the economic growth of this state which in turn is helping the local people to improve their ways of living.

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