Best Time to Visit in Rishikesh for River Rafting

White Water River Rafting in Rishikesh

Thrilling sports of all kinds are loved by the ardent fans of adventure. There are too many options available in India to experience sports of these kinds, like para-sailing, bungee jumping, paragliding, scuba diving and many more. Amongst all kinds of adventure sports, river rafting is an activity which is adored by many people for its easy and refreshing conceptualization. While it happens on many sea beaches across the country, Rishikesh offers enigmatic expertise and affordable packages to the tourists to get an experience of it. It’s one of the so many special Rishikesh Tourist Attractions that are shelled out to tourist with a craving for adrenal sports.

Rafting is all about passion and risk-taking enthusiasm:

While many people opt for the most difficult routes, there are quite a few who loves to be on waters but are afraid of it as well. So, there are always hope for people of every class to experience the enthralling journey of this sport. The total kilometers that it has on board for the tourists to get along with this activity depends on the selection of their packages.

Kaudiyala to Rishikesh –
It covers a distance of 36kms from Kaudiyala towards Rishikesh (costs around Rs 1800 per person).

Marine Drive to Rishikesh –
Distance of 25kms from Marine Drive towards Rishikesh (costs around Rs 900 per person).

Shivpuri to Rishikesh –
Distance of 16kms from Shivpuri towards Rishikesh (costs around Rs 700 per person).

Brahmapuri to Rishikesh –
Distance of 9kms from Brahmapuri towards Rishikesh (costs around Rs 1000 per person).

These distances are covered in rounds of rapids, depending upon the amount of risk a rafting group wants to take.

Rishikesh and Rafting- a Dreadful Combination

Rishikesh river rafting stories are so popular across the world that tourists from several places visit this place to have the experience of a lifetime. Summers are quite hot here but splashing waters are a treat to the tourists in the journey. So basically, people choose April-June for this activity as both rains and winter can ruin the total experience by being a spoilsport. The experts carry out the whole procedure with utmost caring and with all the safety measures required. It cannot be done without the prior permission of the IRF or International Rafting Federation. To talk about the rapids in details, it is categorized into various grades of difficulty. Some people may not have the guts to be on the water boat with higher speed and tends to be safer while rafting, so they have an option to choose from lower grades of rapids which generally are less challenging.

As we all are aware, river rafting generally is a sports activity on the surface of running water. This is mainly done on the white waters to navigate through it smoothly. There are several classes of white water rafting in various places.

Some people also consider it to be an extreme sport as it has higher chances of mishaps. It is carried out by a group of a few people in a boat, sailing through the river, so the teamwork is a very integral part of this sport. It requires a lot of effort by all the team members to sail through the hurling waters and obviously, the safety precautions are mandatory to carry out these operations. One or more experienced guards are always provided to the tourists to take care of any hazards during the activity. They are given rafts along with paddled boats to showcase their skills in this sport.

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