Things to Explore In the Outer Banks, North Carolina

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The Outer Banks are definitely somewhere you’d want to include on a visit to North Carolina. While well known for its beaches, there is much more to explore.  If you are lucky enough to be visiting this impressive collection of spits and barrier islands, here are things that you have to see to make the visit memorable:

  • The Beaches

The beaches of the Outer Banks stretch as far as the eyes can see and are well-maintained. Every beach has its own unique features. Along the northern ends are spots perfect for aquatic sports like skimboarding and surfing. Those who want to spend their time camping, fishing, sailing or doing some beach driving should focus on the shores of Hatteras Island.

  • Cape Hatteras National Seashore

The Cape Hatteras National Seashore has all the features that make it irresistible for visitors. With spectacular lighthouses, tidy sands and vibrant waves, this seashore is the stuff of fantasy. Even though many visitors visit to immerse themselves in its sands, you can explore more attractions on the seashore. Start with the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse; it holds the enviable record of the tallest lighthouse in the United States.

  • Wright Brothers National Memorial

Learn the inspiring story of aviation and the pioneering efforts of the Wright Brothers, the brains behind flight as we know it today. In the 20th century, the pair harnessed the reliable winds of North Carolina to achieve their dreams of successful human flight. A monument stands at the memorial to commemorate the first flight in 1903. Visitors also get to learn a lot about the history and lives of the Wright brothers, they can even check out their home and check out their records and items.

  • Jockey’s Ridge State Park

This is one of the most visited places in the Outer Banks. The Jockey’s Ridge State Park has some impressive sites like the tallest active sand dune. Explore the area by climbing the sand dune after following the mile-long sand-covered trail or go via the boardwalk. From the top, you can activate your thrill-seeking side by sandboarding or do some hang gliding. If you are considering going to the Outer Banks with the family, this is an ideal destination for you as there are excellent Hotel Outer Banks you can stay.

  • Currituck Beach Lighthouse

The Currituck Beach Lighthouse is one of the most historic locations in the Outer Banks. Since its construction in the late 19th century, this lighthouse has captured the imagination of many. The most impressive thing about this time-honored lighthouse is that it still works to date and boats still rely on it for proper navigation. You have to climb 220 steps to reach the top of this lighthouse. However, if you are able to get to the top, you are going to find the views absolutely breathtaking. The easiest way to reach the lighthouse is via Route 12 north in the direction of Duck and Corolla.

From campgrounds of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore to watching the sunset at the Currituck Sound to touring the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum, Outer Banks has so much for everyone

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