Best Places in Georgia to visit During Christmas Season

Best Places in Georgia to visit during Christmas Season

If you are planning to visit Georgia in the winters, then you are in for an amazing adventure. The whole country transforms into an astonishing winter wonderland. With snow all around, you can engage in various winter activities, if you trip to Georgia during Christmas season. The country turns into a Swiss Alpine-like place that will amaze you with its surreal beauty. Given below is the list of the best places in Georgia to visit during Christmas season. So plan your travel accordingly, and enjoy this glorious festival season in Georgia. Georgia is an orthodox Christian nation that celebrates Christmas with full vigour and glory. All the churches, market places and homes are decorated and become rich with traditional Georgian food items. Apart from Christmas, various other traditional festivals associated with Christmas are celebrated in Georgia. Buy an exclusive Georgia holiday package and enjoy your next Christmas in Georgia.

Best Spots in Georgia to Visit During Christmas Season:

Winter season makes Georgia a popular destination for tourists to enjoy amazing things. So if you are planning a visit to Georgia during the Christmas holidays, find the below list of super cool destinations in Georgia for a Christmas visit.

#1 – Tbilisi:

Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia is also the largest in the country. It is home to various traditional and folk festivals of all kinds and is one of the major tourist attractions in Georgia. All the streets and alleys become vibrant and are decorated with the utmost splendour and grandeur. You can see people hang out in groups and can experience positive vibes all over the place. You can also taste some of the most delicious Georgian food items that are made especially for Christmas. Tbilisi transforms into a magical place during the Christmas season. You can enjoy various local and traditional festivals as well. The local Choir groups; children dressed in fabulous outfits; marketplaces turning into a perfect display of lights, food, and wine – Tbilisi during the Christmas season is just like heaven.

#2 – Martkopi Monastery:

The Martkopi Monastery transforms into a perfect physical interpretation of scenes from the movie ‘Frozen’. The monastery is located near Tbilisi and gets surrounded by snow in the month of December. It was founded by Father Anton of Martkopi. With the breathtakingly beautiful natural ambience, this place will give you the ultimate Christmas feel. With decoration, choir, lights, candles, and wondrous atmosphere all around – this is really one of the best places in Georgia to visit during Christmas Season.

#3 – Khulo:

Khulo, being one of the laid-back places in Georgia becomes really astonishing in the winter season. There is a splendid mountain ski resort at Goderdzi where you can enjoy various winter sports and activities. You can also enjoy the spectacular view of monuments from mediaeval history. Some of the most notable places are:

● Green Lake and the Goderdzi Pass
● Khikhani fortress
● Monastery of Skhalta cathedral
● Beshumi resort

You can also enjoy a remarkable cable car ride to commute between the other villages. So, be ready to become a part of the traditional Georgian Christmas celebrations at Khulo and Tago. Don’t forget to drink some amazing homemade Georgian wines and enjoy the good times.

#4 – Juta:

This is a small village located in the Kazbegi region of Georgia. The Kazbegi Mountain is the Mecca of hikers, climbers, trekkers, backpackers and skiers. It offers enchanting views all around. This small village which includes many winter ski resorts gets covered with snow all around during this season. Juta is a small hamlet that will give you a perfect feel of Switzerland. This village gets cut off from the rest of Georgia for 6 months during the winter season. Hence, plan your travel accordingly. You can also indulge in hiking at Mount Chaukhi that will offer you some of the most breathtaking views. During the Christmas season, this place transforms into a vibrant and lively one. Juta is undeniably an exotic place in Georgia to tour during Christmas Season.

#5 – Mestia:

Mestia trip is a fantastic journey to a small town in the centre of Svaneti commonly known as ‘the country of thousand towers’. Mestia is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Svaneti region that houses several UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well. Here you can explore lots of mediaeval historical places and can witness the typical traditional Georgian Christmas celebrations as well.

#6 – Shaori Reservoir or Shaori Lake:

Located in the Ambrolauri region of Svaneti, the Shaori Reservoir or Shaori Lake is another fascinating place in Georgia to tour during Christmas Season. This incredibly beautiful place in Georgia will give you an ethereal experience during the winter season. The beauty of this lake is inexplicable and beyond words. The natural marvels of this place will keep you amazed and you will never fail to click pictures. Christmas is celebrated with full form and vigour. Moreover, it is one of the most Instagrammed locations in the country of Georgia.

Well, these are some of the best places in Georgia to visit during Christmas Season. Now stay away from all the hassles and leave all your travel planning to an expert like, one of the leading tour operators in UAE, which will take you to all the top attractions of Georgia you would like to explore.

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