Women Traveling To Dubai Must Follow Few Tips

Things to follow for Women To Traveling in Dubai

The royal ride, the traditional cuisine, the rich culture and endless shopping spots are what every woman gets attracted to when thinks of visiting Dubai. Now, the question arises is Dubai safe for women?

Well, yes it is and it has been rated as one of the safest countries for women to travel. So, if you are planning a solo travel or even with your friends, don’t hesitate to go for a Dubai visa. We bet you would love it. Today in this blog we are going to tell you about the myths, what to wear and basic tips. Scroll down t go through the details:

Women Traveling To Dubai Must Follow Few TipsThe Myths:

• You just have to respect the culture but don’t have to wear a burka, headscarf or veil.
• Driving a car is not prohibited for women.
• No harassment is entertained in Dubai.
• It is very safe to travel by cab, walk alone in every area and stay alone in hotels.

What To wear – Dress appropriately

Due to Islamic culture dressing is a little conservative in Dubai. Though Dubai welcomes some new ideas and different opinions. But still, there are some points you always have to keep in mind as per the country you are visiting. On the beach, you are allowed to wear swimwear but as soon as you are out you have to cover up yourself.

If in Dubai, you can’t miss a visit to the mosque but for that, you have to completely cover yourself including the head. As they believe that short and relieving outfits attract the attention on the road, so it’s better to avoid them when you are traveling. However, if you are wearing shorts or skirts inside the mall or hotel, it should not be problematic.

Dressing modestly has some very interesting advantages which will make you cover yourself without having any second thought.

• Locks will treat you warmly and will guide you with a smile related to your travel.
• You will gather less attraction.
• Will save you from sunburn and heat.

Women Traveling To Dubai Must Follow Few TipsTips for women travelers

Dubai is considered to be the safest country for women but there is no place on this planet where you would not get unwanted attention if you wear something short or revealing. If in case you are a solo traveler, you get misjudged in spite of dress, age or looks. Therefore, to avoid these types of situations, it’s far much better to follow some tips.

• Try to wear a ring that looks like a wedding ring, this will make you look unavailable.
• If you are traveling with a male friend and you are not married, kindly introduce him as your husband and not boyfriend.
• Wear dark glasses to avoid eye contact especially with men.
• Avoid sitting in the front seat of cab or taxi unless it’s a woman driver.
• If ever you plan to take a public transport, sit in the section specially created for women in the front.
• If you get confused regarding directions and need help, try to contact woman first for help.
• For not facing any unwanted attention, you have to look and be very confident.

We know that these points can scare you a bit but trust us these tips will save you from many situations which you never want to face on your travel. And next big thing is to avoid hassle in your vacation package, contact JourneyCook, as they can be your best travel partner and happily guide you regarding your itinerary and other travel related points.

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