Super Romantic and Best Honeymoon Places in Dubai

Camel Ride Dubai

Dubai is a beautiful, highly glamorous, splendid city and global commercial capital. But is it romantic? Oh yes, and that’s the best news. The city literally sparkles and glimmers in the light of love. There are many places in Dubai that are intensely lovely and just the perfect romantic spots for you to spend some quality time with your love. Here are some top places in Dubai that’ll truly take your fancy and put you in the mood for love. We’ve also covered some wonderful activities that the two of you can do together in the most incredible locations. Go on, find out what we’ve listed!

Private Night Safari in Dubai1. Celebrate Your Togetherness at a Private Night Safari
Who could say no to an entire night out at the mystical and mysterious desert? The scene of countless intrigues and secret rendezvous, the desert keeps its secrets and understands the beat of your hearts. So sign up for a private night safari with an experienced tour operator and gaze at the moon and the stars to your heart’s content. If you arrive before sunset, you can take pictures of each other posed in the rays of the setting sun. Enjoy a wonderful night under the stars after an exclusive and very romantic private dinner for two under the awnings of a special tent. The desert is one of the most romantic places in Dubai.

2. Watch Romantic Movies At The Claw BBQ
Claw BBQ is a great place for a couple to visit for some great food and classic movies. Claw BBQ’s menu changes according to the movie being shown. If it’s a romantic movie, then the BBQ dinner will be enhanced by hearts and flowers. If you’re a lover of James Bond movies, you’ll get to enjoy martinis with your meals. If you’re into vintage movies, then this is the place to be, to snuggle up in the huge love seats and recliners. Claw BBQ is located near the Al Bahar Bridge in Downtown Dubai.

Dhow Cruise in Dubai3. Go On A Romantic Dhow Cruise
What could be more romantic than cruising around on Dubai’s waters along with your honey? The Dhow Dinner Cruise in Dubai is a memorable and romantic boat ride. All of Dubai is laid out in front of you, lit up like so many fairies, the lights reflected on the waters like little pools of colour. Enjoy the breath-taking views of major Dubai landmarks such as the Dubai Marina, the Burj Khalifa, the Burj Al Arab and several others. You’ll enjoy your cruise on this traditional and fully-renovated Bedouin boat that was used once for transport and trade. Your evening ends with a fabulous Tanura dance show and a scintillating belly dance performance, followed by an Emirati and intercontinental BBQ dinner.

Hot air balloon ride in Dubai4. Take A Couples-only Hot Air Balloon Ride
For this, you’ll have to be up at the crack of dawn, shivering in the early morning cold. The rewards are great, though. Imagine soaring high in a hot air balloon, looking at the rising sun as it rises over the desert dunes, lighting up the vast expanse of golden sands in shades of orange and gold. It’s an unforgettably romantic experience, as you soar over desert creatures scurrying to their holes to escape the sun. You’ll see gazelles, oryx, camels, desert foxes and other night time creatures.

5. Enjoy Some Riding As A Couple
Ride away into the sunset with your honey on Arabian horses at the Al Dhabi farm. Alternatively, you can ride on camels in the desert too. The two are totally different experiences, as you’ll find out. Have a blast egging each other on to speed up. Have a little competition and see who wins. Explore the sunrise on your camels or take a ride in the desert at sunset and get a chance to experience the real character of the desert at night.

Talise Ottoman Spa in Dubai6. Enjoy A Rejuvenating Couples Spa Date
A wonderful couples-spa date with your honey is just the ticket for a relaxing time, to contemplate everything you love about Dubai. Head to one of the top spas in Dubai, such as the Talise Ottoman Spa in Palm Jumeirah. Indulge in some bespoke Arabian luxury at the spa, all gold and shimmer. There are terrific steam rooms, massage rooms, beauty rooms where you can get matching gold facials done, and snow rooms as well, if you’re minded to soak in snow before hitting the shower. What’s more, you can relax in the divine and absolutely soothing thalassotherapy pools for a thorough clean-up of your aura. A Dubai Spa is one of the most romantic places to visit in Dubai for honeymoon.

Dubai Miracle Garden7. Fall In Love Again At The Miracle Garden
Have you ever seen 45 million flowers of all floral species in one location before? You will see it in the absolutely marvelous Miracle Garden. The flowers and flowering plants here are grown and trimmed into various unique shapes, such as cartoon characters, funny-looking clocks, famous global landmarks and many more. Browsing through the Miracle Garden will cheer you up immensely and make you feel even more loving. The Miracle Garden changes its flower display every few months. The theme keeps changing and you wonder if they’ve got elves working overnight to create a new display out of growing things. It’s simply magnificent.

Chillout Bar Dubai8. Chill Out At The Chillout Bar
The Chillout Bar is one of the first of its kind in the Middle East. It’s an ice lounge, where the tables, the bar, the chairs and all other decorations are made entirely of ice. Before entering the bar which is maintained at sub-zero temperatures, you’re required to beef up in winter clothing and spend a little time in two buffer rooms which will acclimatize you for the cold inside the Chillout Lounge. You can enjoy a good range of snacks and drinks and enjoy some cool couple time in one of the most unique bars in the world.


Dubai is a city of different landscapes; consider the vast stretches of golden desert sand, the aqua beaches and the majestic mountains. This Emirate has won over the freshwater shortage through clever means. In no other region in the Middle East can you find something like the Miracle Garden or such lush, verdant landscapes as you can find in Dubai. It’s the perfect city to spend your honeymoon in, as long as you follow the rules with regard to public displays of affection. Have a wonderful time in Dubai and be sure to explore other options for your romantic time there.

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