10 Amazing Trekking Trails in Thailand

10 Amazing Trekking Trails in Thailand

Thailand is a country of exploration and new possibilities. It holds an amazing landscape that amuses people beyond their imaginations. It has some of the best beaches in the world, some great islands, cities, villages, countryside, wildlife, and mountains. It is an ideal destination for backpackers, beach lovers, party goers, hitchhikers, and trekkers.

Trekking – the best way to explore Thailand

When we discuss different ways to explore Thailand, the best way there can be is through trekking. Although you can go to beautiful sights and places in a car, or a boat, trekking is more of an adventure that makes your traveling memorable and exciting. Thailand has some of the best trekking trails in different parts of the country. Their difficulty level may vary, but each trail has its own challenges and thrill. In this article, we are going to mention 10 amazing trekking trails in Thailand. These trails are moderate in difficulty, some are more difficult than the others, but we recommend you to challenge yourself so that you can explore more. So enjoy your trekking trip and see all the unseen areas of Thailand.

Best way to plan your trip

Planning a trekking trip to Thailand isn’t easy. There are a lot of trails that you may not know of. Although Thailand beaches are easy to access from Bangkok and you can go there without proper consultation from experts, we recommend everyone to look up a renowned UK travel Agency if you are planning a trekking trip to the Kingdom. In this way, you can plan a good trip as well as save yourself from any inconvenience. You can also know about different trekking trails that you may not even hear of.

Best time to plan a trekking trip

Trekking trips can be challenging when you plan them in rainy monsoon season. And in the Thailand case, you can expect some heavy rainfall in some months. So you need to plan properly with expert advice in order to avoid any avoidable inconvenience.

The best time to do trekking in Thailand is between Octobers to March. Temperature is cooler on all trails, and you can enjoy a great time on the wild paths. Sun is also warm to keep your spirits high. SO everything is on your side. However, if you plan a trekking trip in summers, we highly advise against that because it pours heavily almost everywhere in the Kingdom. So plan wisely and at the right time.

10 Amazing trekking trails in Thailand

Following is a list of trekking trails in Thailand that can amaze any trekker. So try them on your next Thai trip and make the most of it.

Phu Kradueng National Park

Phu Kradueng is a well-known national park in Thailand. There are multiple trails around the park, which makes it a desirable location for trekkers. The scenery is amazing and with wildlife surrounding you, the setting is ideal for a memorable trekking trip.

Ban Ruam Mit

Ban Ruam Mit is an unexplored city on the bank of Kok River, which makes it a perfect place for trekkers to set out into the wild and explore. There are a number of communities living there but they are all friendly and welcoming. There is an elephant camp in the mountains, so you can expect to see some nature’s biggest beasts.

Khao Chong Wildlife Development & Conservation Park

Located near the city of Trang, this park has some great trails for you to trek and explore. There is plenty of wildlife for everyone to see along with some exceptional waterfalls.

Trail 11 of Khao Yai National Park

Trail 11 of Khao Yai National Park has some of the best sceneries for its explorers. The area is covered with mountains and thick forests, along with the presence of rare wildlife. Although there are other trails as well, we recommend trail 11 due to its unique sceneries and challenges.

Kew Mae Pan Nature Trail

Located in the Doi Inthanon National Park in Chiang Mai, Kew Mae Pan is a renowned tourist attraction in Thailand. The trail is lush green and the landscape is unique. It is a bit challenging and may require you to be in shape in order to complete it. But the view is rewarding. You can see some wildlife along with waterfalls and rivers. You can also see the highest mountain in Thailand from this trek.

Mae Sa Valley Trek

Mae Sa is located in Chiang Mai. It is another beautiful valley in Thailand and covers some great sceneries. There are ample waterfalls and mountains in the region as well.

Pranburi Waterfall Trek

Located in Kaeng Krachan National Park, Pranburi Waterfall Trek is a great choice to do for any trekker. The view is worth the challenges you may face to complete this trek.

Mae Hong Son

Located near the border of Myanmar, Mae Hon Son is yet another trekking trail in Thailand that is full of natural beauties. Enjoy all the views and make new memories on a different trail.

Khao Pom

Located in Koh Samui, Khao Pom trekking trail has some of the best mountain sceneries and wildlife for every trekker to see. Enjoy the view and take snaps of everything you find beautiful.

Ang Ka Nature Trail

Ang Ka Nature Trail is located beside Doi Inthanon Mountain, which is the highest point of Thailand. The trail is a bit challenging but the view from the top is worth all the difficulties you may face before reaching there.

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