Top Ten Places to Visit in Manila Philippines

Manila Bay Waterfront

Manila, the not so much hyped destination of South East Asia, is a treasure trove for tourists and backpackers. Also, nicknamed the “Pearl of the Orient”, the city to large extent serves as the stopover for travellers, wanting to explore the surrounding magnificent landscape. But, this underrated city has a plethora of things to explore and a treat for travellers to divulge.

It is a fast-paced developing metropolitan city, facing difficulties and problems akin to any other major urban city located anywhere on the planet. Away from its crazy traffic and pollution, the city has hidden gems. And if you are in Manila, these attractions are must visit. Certainly, you don’t want to feel sorry for yourself, after returning from Manila and getting to know all about from your friends. From edifices built at the time of Spanish colonial rule to museums, amusement parks, and lots of natural attractions perfect for an unforgettable sojourn. Below are the top ten popular places to visit in Manila to experience the city like never before.

Intramuros – The Colonial-Era Walled City

Intramuros – The Colonial-Era Walled City

The imposing 64-hectare palace has stood the testimony of the time. Built by Spanish in 1571 during their colonial rule, today the building has become a part and culture of the Manila. The building has withstood several wars, various colonial rule and natural disasters. Visit this stunning medieval era building before 10 am. After the visit relish breakfast at Ilustrado, a colonial style villa.

Binodo, Manila China Town Philippines

Binondo – Manila’s Own China Town

Like all China Town around the planet, Manila’s Binondo is probably the world’s oldest China Town. Located in Manila’s Binondo district, the town is renowned for its delicious culinary delights and shopping. A visit here is an unmatched experience. The town showcases beautiful amalgamation of Chinese and Filipino culture. The best way to explore all this is by booking cheap flight with Crystal Travel for a budget vacation to Philippines.

Manila Bay Waterfront

Manila Bay Waterfront – Enjoy beautiful sunset view

The Manila Bay Waterfront offers a great escape for the traffic and chaos the city has. Visit the popular bay to witness a picturesque sunset. The bay is peppered with good restaurants and cafes. Stroll the bay and adore the Manila’s famed sunset, cool sea breeze as it gently touches your hairs and cheeks.

Quiapo Church Manila Philippines

Quiapo Church and its surrounding market area

The Quiapo district in Manila attracts locals for the two things. Firstly the church located in the area and the latter is a local market that takes place in and around the church area. So, if you are a tourist in Manila, you can visit the district to shop and see the magnificent church. Here, you can buy beautiful trinkets and relish delicious street food. On Friday the area is crowded with people lighting candles and offering prayers.

San Agustin Church Manila Philippines

San Agustin Church

The legacy of the Spanish colonial rule adorning the city forms a major attraction for tourists visiting the city. San Agustin Church a magnificent structure perfectly showcases the might of the colonial master, who once ruled the country. A visit will take you down in the memory lanes as you adore the architecture and grandeur of the medieval era church.

Mt. Taal – World’s Smallest Volcano

Mt. Taal – World’s Smallest Volcano

Though the place is not exactly in Manila, but worth a visit. The Mt.Taal located close to a town called Tagaytay offers a rejuvenating escape. Then you have to take a boat to reach the island, where the world’s smallest volcano is located. A 1-hour trek is all you need to reach the mountain’s summit. On reaching a sweeping vantage view of the sprawling area and breeze of fresh air will be your treat.

Ayala Museumm Manila Philippines

Dynastic Museums

The Dynastic Museums lend comprehensive insights into the Manila’s history of people those who ruled and controlled the city in the past. These two museums one named Ayala Museum and the other is Yuchengco Museum. A visit to these two museums features portraits, family history and various things at display showcasing the lives and work of these two prominent families.

Rizal Park Manila Philippines

Rizal Park

A visit to Manila is incomplete without visiting the Rizal Park. The park was named after the famous freedom fighter Dr. José Rizal, who was executed here. A memorial was built at the same spot dedicated to the brave freedom fighter. Apart, from the history attached to the park, there are a plethora of other reasons to visit the park. The beautiful Chinese and Japanese ornamental garden features a magnificent work of art. It has something for everyone and a great place to experience beauty and history simultaneously. If you are looking to spend a memorable evening, then this is the amazing place to visit in Manila.

Bonifacio Global City Manila Philippines

Bonifacio Global City

An upmarket and financial district located in Taguig City, Metro Manila. This place is great for backpackers and travellers searching for business or leisure escape. The location is a high-end urban locality, peppered with restaurants, bars, retail outlets and pedestrian-friendly walkways.

Mall of Asia Manila Philippines

Mall of Asia

Mall of Asia located in Metro Manila is one of the largest shopping malls in the Philippines. The mall laden with great numbers of restaurants, shops, cinemas and bars offers a perfect setting for unlimited entertainment and enjoyment. The mall also boasts an esplanade, which offers a stunning view of the Manila Bay during the sunset.

Visiting the above listed major places in Manila unravel the misconception that travellers have in their mind. Exploring the city’s rich colonial history, food and vibrant culture lend a portrait of memorable experiences.

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