5 Important Tips for Traveling to the Philippines on a Budget

5 Important Tips for Traveling to the Philippines on a Budget

More and more international travel bloggers around the globe have been falling in love with the Philippines. And we aren’t even surprised why.

The Philippines is a complete island paradise. Its pristine-colored beaches, tropical and relaxed vibe, beautiful sunsets, delicious food, and friendly people, are some of the reasons why the country is becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia.

On top of that, traveling to the Philippines is incredibly affordable! Unlike other vacation destinations, you don’t need to spend a lot to have an unforgettable vacation in the country.

If you are one of the many who are looking into spending a vacation in the Philippines but are a little tight on the budget, we are here to get you covered. In this article, we have compiled the five most essential tips that travelers like you should keep in mind while traveling to the Philippines on a budget. Here, take a look.

1. Book your flight in advance. Most of the major airline companies in the Philippines offer promo flights that will let you save a considerable amount of money if you book your flights early. These airline companies often give you better deals if you reserve your trips in advance, especially if you choose to set your travel periods from 6 months to a year. Remember to put this on top of your list before even planning for the entire trip. You may choose to hire for simple personal assistant services to help you out with this task.

2. Choose to get away from the tourist crowds. If you want to make this trip an experience of a lifetime, then choose to travel to places that are less frequented by most travelers. The Philippines is rich with many beautiful islands aside from those that are in the international travel limelight. Some of these islands are underrated but are equally as stunning. Going to these islands, then, would cost you less since they are not yet highly commercialized.

3. Stay in pension houses. Most European countries, even some countries in Asia, have hostels that offer cheap accommodations. The Philippines’ version of these kinds of accommodations are the pension houses. Pension houses have affordable rates but are highly comfortable and safe both for backpackers and women travelers alike. Cheaper accommodations include dorm-type rooms that have lower rates. The personal assistant services extended by a one-time virtual assistant may be helpful to carry out this tip.

4. Buy supermarket and convenience store foods. To help you save on your food expenses, we recommend that you try buying food from the supermarket and convenience stores. Rather than eating out most of the time, you can stack up on your food essentials and breakfast by getting your supplies from these stores. Believe us; this is a great tip to have in mind during your trip. You’d be surprised how much you were able to save by following this tip. So, you can use the money saved to buy your souvenirs of the trip and even buy some for your friends and family when you return from vacation.

5. Travel like a local. One of the secrets of traveling like a local is to make friends with the Filipinos during your trip. The Philippines has one of the most friendly and warm people. So, communicating with them shouldn’t be a problem. When visiting the Philippines, it will help if you establish contact and the right level of rapport with the locals. You’d be surprised how this could help you stay on the budget while you’re on your trip. Also, establishing a connection with a local will improve your experience in a lot of ways. For one, if you warm up to the locals, they will return the favor and in some cases, will even give you a free tour to the best tourist spots in the country.

Are you inspired to travel yet?

We hope you are. Discovering the beauty and the culture that the Philippines has to offer will prove to be an unforgettable and worthwhile experience in your lifetime. You may plan your trip by yourself or choose to hire personal assistant services to help you with the task. But remember, you don’t have to spend too much to have a great experience. The experiences and lessons that you will gain from the trip are priceless and will be worth every penny.

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