The Insights Of Upper Dolpo Region Nepal-Most Difficult Terrain In The World

The Insights Of Upper Dolpo Region Nepal-Most Difficult Terrain In The World

Tucked away in one of the most inaccessible place in the world, Upper Dolpo region offers incredible experiences to ardent adventure enthusiast. The only way to reach this place is by trekking through one of the most difficult terrains in the world. Nestled in between Dhaulagiri Himalayan Range in the south and the Tibetan plateau in the North, this region has managed to remain isolated from any outside influence for large parts of its history due to which the culture and religion of this place have remained in its primordial form till date. This makes Upper Dolpo Region not only interesting for the adventure travelers, but also for anthropologists and researchers.

The Upper Dolpo Region could prove to be the pin-up trekking destination for Nepal in the International arena which will, in turn, be quite helpful in its own promotion in particular and Nepal’s promotion as a whole in general. It has quite a few interesting facts and records to its name which if publicized and prioritized properly, will help to attract more tourists to this region. With the population of this region living in well over 4000 M above sea level, this place is the highest human habitat in the world. This place also boasts of the deepest lake of Nepal- Phoksundo lake which is in the National park region of the same name. The Upper Dolpo region is one of the few places on earth which is home to famous yet elusive Snow Leopard and it is also blessed with other wild lives like Musk deer and Himalayan Blue Sheep. With these many variations of attraction, it bears decent potentiality to cater to every taste.

Made famous by the Oscar-nominated movie ‘Caravan’, the Upper Dolpo Region offers life-changing experience to anybody traveling to the region. However, due to the early restriction imposed by the Government and the sheer difficulty of travel, it has not gained the kind of attraction it deserves. For someone promoting the Upper Dolpo Region, it is important to showcase what this region can offer in term of experience a person can get. For instance, the local religion ‘Bon’ which predates Buddhism has managed to stand the test time and is still practiced by the local, could be of great interest for some and the famous snow leopard could attract some.

For the service industry like tourism, it is important that tourists are not only mesmerized by the place that they see but also wowed by the service that they experience. Every satisfied and happy customer will be the unofficial exponent of your cause, which will, in turn, bring in more tourists in the near future. So, it is important that the industry give proper training to the people who will be dealing with clients.

The mysticism attached to the name of Nepal as secret Sangrila is because of the places like the Upper Dolpo Region which has been hidden from the world for ages. While we promote and explore every bit of the region, it is also important we keep in mind the welfare of the local inhabitants of the region and the fragile biodiversity of the region. The commercial success that it can bring to the state and to the entrepreneurs is immense and it is important to see the benefit that they reap also trickles down to the local inhabitants. Therefore the promotion and development of the region should be sustainable in long term without harming the local culture, people and its environment as a whole.

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