A Complete Guide on How to Unwind in Italy and Dreading No Evil

A Complete Guide on How to Unwind in Italy and Dreading No Evil

You could travel to Italy and choose to walk on eggshells. You can find a welcoming cafe’ and make yourself comfortable in somewhere bright and breezy (the small towns on the outskirts of Florence are lovely)—not feeling the urge to move an inch until it is time for you to bid adieu to this beautiful country.

However, by doing so you will miss out on amazing things that Italy has to offer. Snake your way north to Venice and let the canal city’s architecture dazzle you. Head west from there to Lake Garda—an ah-mazingly pretty expanse that you might remember from one from the latest James Bond movies. Venture to Pompeii or Rome to contemplate upon thousands of years of history, and then keep exploring your way to Amalfi Coast and get mesmerized with its coastal communities.

So now if you wish to do any of that, adding a layer of protection may be a wise choice. Here is why travel insurance for your expedition to Italy is a clever move.

1. Delays & cancellations

This is an important aspect for anyone who organizes their staycations to the last second: you cannot control everything that happens on your excursion. According to Murphy’s law, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”, therefore posing a high risk about your plane getting delayed owing to weather and you miss your cycling expedition— laying yourself open to a cancellation fee. Guess what? Depending on what kind of policy you have, your travel will take care of such unwanted situations.

2. Car accidents

Not everyone travels by Gondola in Italy. If you wish to drive on Italian roads, you ought to have an international driver’s permit, but I promise you it’s worth it. As you travel you will envisage some of the pleasantest landscape passing by. Although your travel insurance may include special conditions that you need to comply to be covered, it will cover your rental car excess in case the vehicle gets damaged.

Another common mode of transport in Italy is motorcycles. But be careful, in your quest of “welcoming the culture”, you do not end up flying from the bike. Wear a helmet, and travel safely.

3. Thieves

Heavy baggage? Don’t worry, Italy’s got your back fam! Credit card skimming, pickpocketing, offering fake tickets when you are waiting in a long line for an attraction or bag snatching and the list can go on how Italy can “relieve” you of your valuables.

As a precautionary measure, keep your passports, money, and other valuables well concealed, lock your doors while you drive, and don’t take any risks that can land you in trouble. Yes, we know that the travel cover will cover the expense of stolen goods, but if you leave your baggage unattended, exclusions may apply.

4. Medical attention

Owing to the reciprocal health care agreement, you can seek public medical treatment while you enjoy your trip. In Italy, there are more than 4 doctors per thousand people, which is still better than most of the member countries of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). As a part of the 2014 Italian healthcare system, the OECD has reported that patients now receive a comparatively high quality of care. Certainly, this is a great news that you have access to public healthcare even without travel insurance.

Nonetheless, numerous other source notes that the turndown and food service at this hospital is equal to zero. Plus, if you require a prescription or medical withdrawal, you may have to bear the expenses.

Keeping these reasons in mind, travel insurance is an absolute necessity if you are not willing to spend large amounts of money.

Concerned about vaccinations? However, you don’t need any specific vaccinations to enter Italy, but there are a few vaccinations that may help. Consider getting the Hepatitis A as well as the Influenza vaccinations. For any other specific vaccination, you can consult your local GP.

Activities you will get covered for

  • Biking

Touring Italy and France on cycle is a dream come true for any cycle lover. Don’t let this dream turn nightmarish since Italian roads can be hazardous, old, and busy with commuters.

  • Hiking

Italy is surrounded by Austria and Switzerland, which suggests it’s paradise for explorers, hikers, mountaineers, and skiers.

  • Water pursuits

Perfectly seated across from natural beauties as Croatia and Montenegro. In between situated is the Adriatic Sea, making it perfect for all manner of activities, conditional on where you are along the coast. Whether it’s sailing, skiing, or simply floating – do not forget to take the proper precautions.

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